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How to Get a Good Night Sleep Even When You're Buying or Selling a House

Losing sleep over your upcoming move? You're not alone. Studies around the globe have found that buying and selling homes causes enough stress, like death or divorce, to lose sleep over it. Many people that are usually able to fall asleep fast find that during the period of moving they are suddenly unable to sleep. This is known as adjustment insomnia, a short-term form of sleep deprivation.

Don't let the stress of moving interfere with your sleep. Instead of staying awake all night through the stress of buying and selling your home, follow these simple tips to get back to your best sleep:

Talk it Out with Your Real Estate Expert

Home buying and selling is a special form of stress that is usually only temporary. Much of the anxiety comes from the numerous questions that arise during the process. Rather than going through the process alone, having an experienced and qualified real estate expert that you can take your worries to will help.

To that end, instead of lying in bed at night and going through endless questions in your mind, keep a list or journal. Write down your questions and then ask your realtor about them. Everything from the logistics of moving to finding out about closing costs, fees, what escrow really means and even what problems can come up during an inspection can be talked out and discussed with your realtor. You can create your list of questions during the day and then go over them before bed to bring a sense of calm to the mind that your worries will be taken care of.

Be Mindful of Your Move

Taking the time for mindfulness-focusing on the here and now--can also bring a sense of calm and relief. Understanding that your worries about the logistics of moving and the financial implications of buying and selling a home can't be taken care of before bed will you help you to get to sleep faster.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

It can be hard to fall asleep when your mind is racing and your house is in disarray from being half packed. Keeping a regular sleep schedule can help to calm your mind and let it know that it is time to settle down and go to sleep.

Go to Bed at the Same Time

Even though you have more on your plate than usual, going to bed at the same time each night is an easy way to bring some order and consistency into your new busier schedule.

Avoid Stimulants and Alcohol

Although you may be toasting your move, try not to do it right before bedtime. And avoid caffeine before bed. Both caffeine and alcohol can disrupt your sleep.

Have a Comfortable Pillow and Mattress

Whether you are moving, it can be hard to fall asleep on an uncomfortable pillow and mattress. Take the opportunity to install a new mattress into your new home—many people don't replace their mattress frequently enough, and a move can be a good reminder to do so.

Quiet and Comfortable Bedroom

Unplug your devices and set the mood for a good night's sleep, free of technology and other distractions. Just because the rest of your home may be in a state of chaos, your bedroom can remain a calming oasis.

By following a healthy sleep hygiene routine, you can avoid the threat of temporary sleep deprivation that comes with buying and selling a home.

We also know that moving can be a truly stressful event for everyone involved, and we're here to help! Check out Mattress Firm's simple moving checklist and our e ssential guide to making your move as easy as possible. And if it's time to replace or upgrade your mattress (Hint: check the tag. If it's more than 8 years old, it's time to replace!), we can remove the stress from this part as well. If you come into a Mattress Firm location and buy a new mattress, Mattress Firm's delivery team will bring the mattress to your new home, rather than having to haul it yourself.

Happy moving, and enjoy your new home!

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