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Sleep Health News Round-Up: May 2017

Each month we search the news to share the latest trends and research related to your sleep health. Whether it’s how to avoid insomnia or practical ideas on how to drift off to dreaming, you’ll find helpful information on our monthly sleep health news roundup.

For May, let’s take a look on what correlation sleep has to do with climate change, sleep goggles, stuffed animals and more.

Sleep Loss Related to Climate Change

According to a new study published in Science Advances Journal, climate change is causing many Americans to lose hours of precious sleep. The study found a surprising relationship between warm overnight temperatures and sleepless nights.

What’s the Worst Night for Quality Sleep?

A recent survey by U.S. based market research company, YouGov found Sunday night is the most difficult night to get quality shuteye. Those participating in the questionnaire also named Monday the second worst night for sleep. The firm polled more than 4,275 people to come up with these findings on behalf of

Sleep Smarter with Sleep Goggles?

We’ve seen many practical uses for goggles over the years – whether you’re swimming laps or trying to prevent your eyes from burning while chopping onions. Now, there is a new solution using sleep goggles for those who constantly struggle to fall asleep and you’ve given up on simply counting sheep.

Sana Sleep, a sleep goggle manufacturer introduces a sleep mask using audio-visual stimulation to provide a customized sequence for brain to follow as you fall asleep. Read more to see if this is the snooze solution you’ve been dreaming about.

Snuggling with Toys as a Kid Impacts Your Sleep Health Today

Did you cuddle up with a teddy when you were young?

This article breaks down recent findings about the science behind sleeping with stuffed animals. The survey results found that people who slept with a stuffed animal when they were young now as adults tend toss and turn in bed, struggling to get comfortable on their mattress.

The results also show that people who slept with stuffed animals were the least likely to snore as adults.

Lack of Sleep Can Make You Crave Junk Food

You typically don’t crave healthy foods like kale salad when you’re feeling tired. It’s no secret that we tend to eat poorly when we’re exhausted. But why?

When we’re sleep deprived, we’re likely to show greater brain activity in response to unhealthy food smells such as potato chips and doughnuts, compared to when we’ve slept a full eight hours. Next time when you’re tired and finishing that last slice of pizza, blame it on your brain.

Don’t forget to join us next month for the latest sleep trends as we kick off summer!

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