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Sleep Health News Round-up: May 2015

From innovative findings in medical research and reports on the effectiveness of activity-tracking technology, to helpful sleep tips and an investigation into what our bodies do while we snooze, this month’s health news roundup covers a wide variety of topics that are currently trending. Here is what the internet is saying this month on how to go to sleep and how to sleep better:

  • Seasonal allergies can prevent you from getting the sleep you need. The Houston Chronicle offers eight tips for getting a good night’s sleep during allergy season.
  • Naptimes should be flexible at child care centers. According to new research, experts say that children who are forced to have long naps at preschool could develop sleep disorders later on.
  • Sleep apps may have negative impact on sleep. Sleep experts in Australia believe that pouring over data from popular activity-tracking apps can increase anxiety about not getting enough sleep and result in additional sleep problems.
  • A healthy dose of daylight could mean a more restful night. The Houston Chronicle explains how a lack of exposure to natural sunlight affects the production of melatonin and cortisol, which are two hormones that help regulate sleep
  • Children need 10-12 hours of sleep. While it is recommended that adults sleep seven to eight hours each night, experts recommend that children sleep between 10 and 12 hours depending on their age. Sleep is critical for a healthy lifestyle and plays a key role in a child’s immune system, physical growth and mental development.
  • Tips for a good night’s sleep. A recent compilation of helpful sleep advice from the LA Times offers tips to enhance your daily slumber, which range from avoiding caffeine and using electronics, to establishing a nighttime routine and sleeping strategically.
  • Sleeping gets harder as you age. According to sleep experts, one way to get a good night’s sleep is by getting as much oxygen as possible; however, muscle tissue in our airways lose tone as we age, which makes breathing more difficult during sleep.
  • Sleep loss can lead to other problems. According to the CDC, there are links between insufficient sleep and driving accidents, industrial disasters, medical errors and obesity.
  • Research shows Americans are torn on feelings about sleep. Research conducted by the Better Sleep Council found that Americans are conflicted about sleep, despite knowing that it is necessary for recharging our bodies. In fact, 33 percent of participants in the study said they were dismayed at the amount of time “wasted” while sleeping or said that they “never want to sleep again.”
  • Nine things you never knew your body does while you sleep. Cosmopolitan explores the various activities that the human body performs while sleeping, which include cleansing the body of toxins and repairing cells throughout.
  • Eight habits of highly effective sleepers. A recent study in England, nearly six in 10 adults are sleep deprived. From committing to a healthy diet, to maintaining an ideal sleep environment, this list provides insight into the habits of healthy sleepers.
  • Men who suffer from sleep apnea are more prone to depression. According to a recent study, men who are undiagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea are two times more likely to suffer from depression, compared to others who don’t have sleep apnea.
  • Are sleep apps useful for assessing children’s sleep problems? Experts say that up to 40 percent of children experience sleep problems and many parents are using activity-tracking devices and smartphone apps to help. However, research has not confirmed that the information gathered by these popular tools is able to accurately measure a child’s sleep.

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