sleeping with a broken bone

Sleeping with a Broken Bone

Broken bone? Ouch! One of the biggest challenges people face when they have a broken bone is figuring out how to sleep comfortably. Some are afraid of whacking themselves (or their partners) in the head with their cast, waking up every few hours in excruciating pain or they’re simply worried about crushing their healing brokenbones by tossing and turning all night.

As always, Mattress Firm is here to share some sleep tips to improve sleep quality across the board. It isn’t as difficult as some may think to catch your Zzz’s while resting a broken bone injury.

Easy Tips for Sleeping Better With a Broken Bone

Here are a few pointers to help you sleep happier when you have a broken bone.

Make rest a priority.

Quality rest should always be a priority, but even more so when your body is trying to heal from broken bones. Sleep is crucial for proper healing as your body releases growth hormones and recovers while you sleep. Make a conscious effort to go to bed early and ensure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep each night.

A simple way to tell if you’re getting the proper amount of sleep at night is to notice if you’re waking up before your alarm goes off in the morning. If you are, you’re sleeping just right! It may take some sleep schedule adjustments and getting used to, but you won’t regret it when you heal perfectly.

Elevate your injury.

Regardless of the type of bone you’ve broken, all broken bones have one thing in common: they require elevation. By keeping your broken bone raised above your heart, you prevent blood from pooling and causing swelling around the break.

It depends on the type and location of your injury, but it will likely be most comfortable to sleep on your back with your injury propped up with slings and pillows. The challenge here is making sure your broken bone stays elevated the whole night while you sleep, but an adjustable base makes this easy.

Stabilize yourself.

Aside from the challenge of keeping your injury actually elevated while sleeping, many people are slightly nervous to sleep when they have a broken bone because they’re afraid they will unintentionally roll on top of it and cause even more damage or pain. Although it’s hard to control your movement while you sleep, you can do some things to try to keep your body still at night. Grab some pillows (Mattress Firm has a great selection) and blankets to act as a guardrail for your mattress so you can’t roll around through the night. We like to think of this as a comfortable little cocoon for healing.

Consider other potential disturbances.

When finding your ideal sleeping position for your best nights sleep, you will also need to consider the other elements that might disturb your injury. If you have a large dog that shares the bed with you, for example, be extra careful to stabilize your injury as much as possible. When one of The Daily Dozers recently broke her foot, her very large dog had trouble understanding why he couldn’t climb in the bed like usual, or why disturbing the mattress caused so much pain to his owner.


Broken bones are an inconvenience alone. You have to lug around a heavy cast, deal with pain as you heal, go to multiple check-ups, face activity limitations, the list can go on and on. Resting your body shouldn’t be part of this list. Not only may you heal faster and stronger if you make rest a priority when you have an injury, but you can also create some good sleep habits to carry with you once you’re healthy again.

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  1. Robert Veatch says:

    Very good informative topic for discussion. I once experienced the same thing when I had Foot correctional surgery done on my right foot back in 1972. And after that hospital discharge day came it was back home and rest time. I know what it’s like to be in a plaster cast and it’s quite a ordeal during the night. I couldn’t wait to get onto the physical therapy after having the cast removed. Since that time everything has gone alright. I do recall that a nerve was damaged during surgery and occasionally the bone fluctuates with a bad movement of some sort but it can’t be corrected in any way. Take care.

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