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5 Simple Tips to Get Better Sleep Away From Home

When you tend to constantly be on-the-go, you often spend many nights sleeping away from your own bed. Here are some simple tips to ensure you are getting the best sleep, no matter where you lay your head at night.

Tips to Sleep Better While Traveling

Whether in a hotel across the country or a holiday weekend at grandma’s house, here are some helpful tips to get a great night of sleep when away from home:

  1. Lower the thermostat. Research says that sleeping in an environment between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit promotes optimal rest. So, when all possible, turn down the dial a bit.
  2. Bring your own pillow. Our bodies crave routine. And while you likely won’t be able to cart along your mattress and sheet set with you when hitting the road, sleeping on a pillow that you’re used to will make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Of course, regardless of whether you’re traveling or at home, it’s a great idea to use high-quality pillow protectors; they help safeguard against dust mites and other irritants that could keep you tossing and turning all night.
  3. Follow your normal bedtime schedule. As you wind down at night, try to maintain a somewhat similar routine. If you normally shower before bed at home, do it on the road as well. If you read a book for 30 minutes before shutting off the lights, get to it. It will give your body (and your brain) a sense of familiarity, which can help you sleep better.
  4. Keep it quiet. Depending on your surroundings, it can be difficult to completely replicate your home sleep environment when traveling. One of the most-common vacationer complaints – as it relates to sleep – is the abundance of external noise. To combat this, pack a pair of earplugs, use a noise machine or listen to music. The new ZEEQ Smart Pillow by REM-Fit, for example, will help you fall asleep by allowing you to listen to music through the pillow and letting you choose music from your favorite sources.
  5. Do your hotel research. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel, try and book a room midway down the hallway – away from the elevators and vending machines. Additionally, try to avoid booking a room that faces the pool. While the view might be pretty, pools can be late-night gathering spots and might make it hard to get some shuteye.

We hope you have safe and sleep-filled travels, no matter where you spend your time. Good luck!

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