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5 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Updates for Spring

Spring is in the air, which means that now is a great time to freshen up your sleep space with new decor.

There are several ways to update your bedroom for Spring without spending a fortune. Whether you're ready to decorate the guest bedroom or the master bedroom, here are five budget-friendly updates for those warmer days ahead:

1. Wall Tapestries

If you don't want to spend the time and money repainting the walls or putting up wall paper, give your bedroom a seasonal makeover by hanging up some colorful wall tapestries. Tapestries that cover almost all of one wall can be enough to completely transform the look of the room. Consider keeping things light and romantic with printed designs heavy with colors like pink, yellow or baby blue.

Alternatively, look for a tapestry with a soothing forest or ocean scene to create a spring-inspired look. You can find affordable wall tapestries online at Amazon or shop local craft markets for some unique designs and patterns.

2. Colorful Pillows

From floor pillows to over-sized pillows you can throw on the bed, add some bold new colors and designs to your bedroom with a set of matching pillows. Pillows that are big, soft and fluffy can add new dimensions to your sleep space and also become the focal point of the room if they have a bright, eye-catching design. Go with geometric prints for a more modern look or pastels and floral prints for a more airy, seasonal look.

You could also buy a set of matching curtains to create a more coordinated look. Check out discount stores and the clearance racks at big box stores to scoop up some great deals on pillows and curtains for the bedroom.

3. Vase of Flowers

What better way to bring spring into your environment than with fresh flowers? You can choose from a variety of bold and bright hues to add a splash of color to your sleep space. To stay within budget, check out the local farmers market or neighborhood grocery stores   not the flower shop — to put together your own customized bouquet in a pretty vase. You can find some beautiful vases on the cheap at a discount home goods store in the area.

4. Floral Fragrances

Not all of your bedroom updates for spring need to be visual. You can put yourself in the spring mood instantly by freshening up the air with soy candles that have floral fragrances or aromatic oils that have fresh cotton, ocean, or floral scents. You don't need to buy designer candles or pricey diffusers to enjoy the effects, either.

Check the outlet shops and even eBay for high quality candles, aromatherapy oils, and other scent-spreading accessories to create a refreshing spring ambiance in the bedroom.

5. Lightweight Throw

If you don't want to invest in a new duvet set or quilts with a stylish cover, brighten up the room with a lightweight throw blanket instead. A throw in an interesting pattern, floral print, or a bold color can instantly freshen up the space and transform the look.

Pick out some pretty pastels or go with a bright and bold print to make it the focal point of your room. You can simply lay it over the end of the bed or use it as a duvet cover topper. Alternatively, add a splash of color to a bedroom chair or ottoman by draping it over the back or arm of the furniture.

Changing the look of the bedroom to honor the spring season doesn't have to cost you a small fortune. A few pieces of carefully selected decor and accents can be enough to update your bedroom for spring while staying within budget.

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