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5 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Memorial Day Travel

Taking a well-deserved break this Memorial Day doesn't have to mean breaking the bank! Memorial Day is one of the most common weekends of the year to travel, with  an estimated nearly 40 million Americans taking a trip every year.

Planning a Memorial Day weekend getaway of your own? A little pre-vacation prep will help you stretch your budget further during the holiday weekend. Here's how to plan a great Memorial Day getaway, without emptying your savings:

1. Iron out your travel plans early.

Be on the lookout for inexpensive flights as far in advance as you can. Holiday periods generally mean more pricey flights, so consider alternative travel days and routes to save some money on travel. Being a little bit flexible on your travel times — think leaving on Thursday and coming back on Sunday — might save you big, not to mention the shorter lines at the airport.

2. Find free entertainment.

Memorial Day signifies the start of summer, so celebrate with a fun day at a local park without spending a pretty penny. Take along a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and grab a blanket. Don't forget to bring along a kite, frisbee, soccer balls or a board game — with a few extra accessories, a day at your local park is as good as any vacation day. Need more ideas? Check out local reviews and family vacation ideas online.

3. Save money on meals. 

Once you've reached your weekend destination, you might be tempted to throw budget to the wind. While vacation is a great time to relax, don't stop using common sense when it comes to budgeting: choose local eateries wisely to ensure you don't go over budget. You could also plan to choose accommodation options that offer complimentary breakfast. Traveling by car? Bring a cooler and pack snacks to avoid spending at gas stations. Snacks packed and ready for the car will keep the children happy and minimize the possibility of complaints.

4. Take advantage of coupons.

Budget-friendly websites like Groupon offer many heavily discounted promotions ranging from day tour packages to go-kart racing and more. Check out what's happening locations in your area to see what activities you can experience this Memorial Day Weekend.

5. Host a party at home.

If you're choosing to stay closer to home this Memorial Day, you can still have a festive party without breaking your budget. Host a family get-together in the backyard, throw a barbecue or kick-off the start of summer with other celebrations. Keep your refreshment costs down with inexpensive options such as chips and dip and allow guests to BYOB!

Whatever your Memorial Day plans, there are plenty of options that will allow you to soak up the sun without overspending.

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