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Summer Budget Hacks: Easy Ways to Sleep Cool

No matter how comfy your mattress, Mattress Firm knows sleeping in a hot, stuffy bedroom sucks. But, we’ve also experienced the dread of a looming electric bill at the end of the month. That’s why we’ve researched a few budget-friendly ways to sleep cool.

6 Tips to Sleep Better this Summer

1. Start with Your Mattress.

Sure, replacing your mattress because of the weather may seem like an overreaction, but if you’re already considering replacing it anyway, summer could be the perfect time. Stop into one of your nearest Mattress Firm locations and ask them for a mattress that will help keep you cool. The Sleepy’s Cool Plus Mattress is a great option — it uses cooling gel technology and has a ventilated woven cover, creating a more breathable surface that will keep you cool for many summers to come.

2. Adjust Your PJ Routine.

We’re not the most fashion-conscious at Mattress Firm, but even we know that it’s a major no-no to be caught wearing last season’s pajamas on a hot summer night. Ditch the flannel and long pants and try out a soft cotton shirt and shorts. Go for pajamas that are light and loose-fitting for cooler results.

3. Upgrade Your Pillow.

Wondering how to sleep cooler? The solution might be right under your head. The science of pillows has improved a lot over the last few decades, so if you’re still sleeping on the same pillow you took to college, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Pillows like the Beautyrest Black Ice are filled with temperature regulations features, including a micro-diamond infused memory foam that removes excess heat and a high-tech cover that promotes air flow. Even on the most sweltering of summer nights, these pillows are cool to the touch. A new pillow is a smart investment, especially compared to the cost of a season’s worth of electric bills.

4. Be Sheet-Smart.

Just like your pajamas need a regular seasonal update, your sheets could use the same. Silk, satin and polyester are all great choices for other seasons, but traditional lightweight cotton sheets are the way to go for summer. Choose sheets that are breathable enough to promote ventilation, while still being comfortable enough to promote a great night’s sleep.

5. Become a Fan of Fans.

There are so many things you can do with a simple box fan. Try out something we learned from Grandma Dozer and place an ice-filled bowl in front of the fan that’s aiming toward your bed. This will generate a cool breeze that’s as refreshing as any A/C. Or, add a second fan aimed at the window to blow the hot air out. Experiment with the positioning of multiple fans to create your bedroom’s ideal air circulation.

5. Look Up!

If you have a ceiling fan installed, make sure that the blades are rotating counter-clockwise. This causes the fan’s motion to pull hot air up and away from your bed, instead of just pushing the hot air back down to you.

6. Protect Your Bedroom.

Walk around your bedroom and think about the variables that might be causing the temperature to rise. Do you have large windows? Invest in blackout curtains or close the blinds to keep out the heat. Is your A/C vent positioned near the door? Closing the door at night will help keep that precious cold air in your room instead of drifting down the hall. A simple 5-minute inventory could save you months of restless, sweaty nights.

Between outdoor cookouts, family vacations, baseball, fireworks, and trips to the beach, there are so many ways to enjoy these longer days. But, if sweaty summer nights are keeping you from getting healthy sleep, try out a few of these tips to sleep better all-season long.

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  1. Well some tips are so obvious it is a mystery to me why they needed to be addressed… here is a hint. Put a bucket of ice behind the fan to draw cool air in.

  2. Moisten the cotton sheets with a spray bottle. Don’t saturate them but give it a good going over. Turn on the fan and bingo you are surrounded by coolness.

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