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Seven Things You Can Get for Less Than $10 Per Month

Whether you've been spending late nights in the office, or just feeling worn out, sometimes, you need a treat — something to brighten your day. If you're fighting the Sunday scaries or the Monday blues, a pick-me-up could be just what you need to make it through to the next day. We all have our daily stresses, so Mattress Firm asks: Why not show yourself some love?

But don't be fooled, taking the time to do something nice for yourself doesn't have to be costly. In fact, you can do it each month with less than $10. At Mattress Firm, we want to help you relax, while staying in your budget. Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly ways to boost your mood and celebrate YOU by "treating yo' self" each month...

Binge-Watch Ready

With over 4,335 movies and 1,197 shows,  Netflix is one of the easiest ways to kick your feel up and relax. Treat yourself to hours (or days) of entertainment with TV shows and movies of every genre. Sort by genre, release date or ratings, Mattress Firm recommends checking out some categories you might normally overlook. For only $8/month, there is no excuse for still using your best friend's roommate's boyfriend's login.

If you prefer to watch your movies in a theater,  Movie Pass is a great way to avoid the box office markups. With access to several local theaters, Movie Pass lets you skip the ticket line with a fee of $7.95/month. With these prices, get ready to become the biggest movie buff of your friend group.

Less Money, More Makeup

Looking to step up your makeup game? Try  Play! by Sephora. For just $10/month, you can sample new Sephora products without emptying your wallet. Delivered right to your door, Play! will send you a beauty box filled with five stellar samples.

The best part is that it is customized just for you. Before your first shipment, you will fill out a Play! profile that will identify the best products for your needs. From hair and beauty and skin and fragrance, this bundle is perfect for any budget.

Mood-Boosting Music

Do you enjoy singing in the car but hate when the radio cuts to commercials? Then it's time to turn your station to  Spotify. With no ads and unlimited skips, Spotify Premium lets users jam out anytime. With a fee of $9.99/ month, Spotify allows listeners to play any song, even on mobile, so you never have to worry about a silent morning commute.

Still iffy about it? Spotify even lets users try before you buy. With a 30-day free trial, there is no excuse for not treating yourself to some tunes.

Reward Yourself with Rest

Are you stuck tossing and turning at night on a mattress that needs replacing? Treat yourself to some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Stop by one of your local  Mattress Firm locations to learn how you can save while you sleep. For only $9/month*, Mattress Firm's 72-month no interest financing will help you treat yourself to a good night's sleep — a new mattress with Mattress Firm's lowest monthly payment ever.

Instead of swiping your credit card and racking up interest, consider a financing deal with our 0% APR offer. Don't snooze on these sleep savings — invest in your rest for good night's sleep.

Time for Some Tea

There's no better remedy to a stressful day than a calming cup of tea.  Simple Loose Leaf will ship you four unique loose leaf teas from around the world for only $9/month. Unwind your mind with a cup of brewed tea. From black, green and herbal, Simple Loose Leaf fills your box with teas ranging from simple to savory.

Treat yourself to a steal you can sip on. Providing enough tea for over 20 cups, you will find a tea to wake up for and go to sleep with.

Relevant Reading Material

What are you interested in? Odds are, there is probably a monthly or quarterly magazine or journal that takes a deep dive into the most current happenings. Travel, news, poetry, local culture, arts, hobbies, cars —  no matter what it is, there's probably a magazine for it that almost always works out to be $5 or less per month. Can't decide what to read? Legacy brands like LIFE and National Geographic have been inspiring readers for years with world-class photography and stories from around the country and throughout the world.

Stacks of Snacks

There are several monthly services that will curate a mix of fresh, seasonal snacks for you and your family to try at an affordable price. Some of them will be items that you can't find at your local grocery store or things you might not have ever thought to try. For a small monthly investment, you can get snacks delivered to your door and you might save yourself a trip or two to the grocery store.


No matter how you decide to spoil yourself, remember that it's important to cut yourself some slack every now and then. And at just $10, you can afford to treat yourself to something that makes you smile — whether that's a sound snooze or a binge-watching session!

*All monthly payments are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. $9 a month for 72 months at 0% APR. Minimum purchase of $625 with your Mattress Firm credit card. 72 equal monthly payments required. Call 1-866-780-6220 for credit costs and terms. For new accounts  APR is 29.99%. Subject to credit approval. Participating locations only.

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