Best Mattresses Under $1,000

If you’re in the market to buy a new mattress, but don’t want to shell out a ton of money, you may be worried about having to choose from a limited selection. Fear not — now is a great time to think about getting a new mattress. We have all types of mattresses that are suited to fit any budget and sleep style.

While there are plenty of luxury mattresses out there, you don’t need to spend a lot to get the bed and the comfort you want and need. We recently partnered with lifestyle blogger Jessica Ashcroft from ‘Love Love Love‘ to help her select a new mattress for herself. As part of her search for the perfect mattress, she helped us by sharing some of her own tips to find your own best affordable mattress.

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Jessica’s No. 1 tip for finding the perfect mattress was to set a budget: “Before you go mattress shopping, decide on a budget and determine the absolute most you want to spend. Remember, you’re investing in your sleep, and a great mattress is often worth a few extra dollars!”

To help make your search for the best bed even easier, we’ve hand-selected our favorite mattresses, so you can find what works best for you. If you’re looking for the best affordable mattress, here are some of the best that Mattress Firm has to offer… and did we mention they’re all under $1,000?!

Best Mattresses Under $1000

tulo 10″ Medium Mattress

tulo 10" Medium Mattress: best mattresses under 1000, best affordable mattress, what is the best mattress

What is the best mattress, you ask? This is the one that Jessica selected for herself. As Mattress Firm’s version of a bed-in-a-box, tulo mattresses range in price from $550-$850. tulo mattresses feature a top layer of High Density Coolflow Ventilated Memory Foam to keep air moving consistently through the mattress. This responsive foam won’t cave in or sag after a few hours, and its breathability helps it maintain a consistent temperature so you don’t wake up overheated in the middle of the night. Even better, all tulo mattresses are delivered right to your door. Mattress Firm will even set it up for you. All you have to do is lay down and enjoy!

Never heard of a tulo? That shouldn’t deter you from checking it out now. Jessica recommends you try each type of mattress before selecting the one you bring home: “There are so many different types of mattresses now, so be sure you give each one a chance. You may just discover the bed you never knew you needed! Take your time with your “test drive” and don’t forget to ask the Mattress Firm associates for their recommendations based on your sleep position and preferences.”

Simmons Beautyrest Greenwood 9.5″ Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Greenwood 9.5" Firm Mattress: best mattresses under 1000, best affordable mattress, what is the best mattress

Coming in at the $497-$897 price range, the Simmons Beautyrest Greenwood has been named a best mattress under $1,000. This mattress provides support and comfort, combining 800 Density Pocketed Coil® innerspring technology with multiple foam support and comfort layers. Its design of individually wrapped coils contours to your body yet remains supportive where you need it. And at only $597 for a queen, this is definitely the best queen mattress under $1000. No need to sacrifice comfort in the name of savings with the Beautyrest Greenwood mattress.

Sleepy’s 10″ Medium Quilted Gel Foam Mattress

Sleepy's 10" Medium Quilted Gel Foam Mattress: best mattresses under 1000, best affordable mattress, what is the best mattress

The 10″ Medium Quilted Gel Foam Mattress helps distribute weight for pressure point relief and prevents tossing and turning throughout the night. If you’re a stomach sleeper and experience pain, the best part is the top layer of soft foam and fiber that provides exceptional support while allowing you to sleep in comfort. This mattress comes in under $1,000 for a king, so depending on the size you choose,you’ll be sure to get the best deal around. Plus, did we mention you buy a twin for just $462, making this a best mattress under $500.

Hampton and Rhodes San Martin 12″ Plush Hybrid Mattress

Hampton and Rhodes San Martin 12" Plush Hybrid Mattress

This online exclusive mattress is constructed from a mix of innerspring and foam technologies, the San Martin 12″ Plush Hybrid Mattress gets its versatile support from 768-count wrapped coil inner springs, and its plush feel from comfort foam and premium gel memory foam comfort layers. And at just $719, you’ll get the most “bed” for your buck.

But what happens if you bring your new mattress home and don’t love it? Jessica recommends that you make sure to check the warranty before making a purchase: “When searching for a new bed among a sea of choices, one thing is for certain: a good mattress will have a good warranty. Don’t forget to ask about what kind of warranty each mattress has so you aren’t stuck with a damaged product until you can get a new one. Talk about a nightmare…”

Eclipse Two-Sided 10″ Firm Foam Mattress

Eclipse Two-Sided 10" Firm Foam Mattress: best mattresses under 1000, best affordable mattress, what is the best mattress

If you’re shopping in a lower budget range, this online exclusive bed is just for you — we consider this the best mattress under $500. If pragmatism is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Eclipse Two-Sided 10″ Firm Foam Mattress. Economical and able to be flipped over to extend its lifespan, the Eclipse mattress provides firm support that’s versatile enough to suit back or stomach sleepers, couples or singles, and kids or adults alike.

When you finally bring your mattress home, it might not be what you expected. Jessica encourages shoppers to give it time: “It takes time for your new mattress to get adjusted to your body. So give your body and your mattress time to get acquainted! You don’t want to give up a good thing too early.”

But if after a week or so, you still aren’t sleeping better, its time to check out your return policy. Making sure your mattress has a return policy is one of the most important things you can do before making a purchase. Take it from Jessica: If after sleeping on your new mattress for a while and you decide it just isn’t for you, take advantage of the return policy. Just make sure there is one! Mattress Firm has a 120-night sleep trial so you can “rest” assured you’ll find the perfect mattress.

No matter what your budget, Mattress Firm has you covered. Visit or shop in store at your nearest Mattress Firm location to find the bed of your dreams today!

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