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Couples Budgeting Guide: Creating Your First Budget As 'We'

From blankets and TV remotes to closets and bathroom sinks, relationships with your significant other come with a lot of sharing. One of the biggest milestones with your spouse comes when you start sharing a budget. Navigating a combined bank account can be tricky — sure, it's added income, but it's also double the bills — think cell phone bills, healthcare, and gas, just to name a few.

Before you take the plunge into combining accounts and bills, we recommend tracking your combined spending for at least a few months. That way, you can be completely transparent with your significant other about where your money goes. Tracking your combined spending monthly is also helpful to monitor — and prepare for — bigger purchases, like new kitchen appliances,  mattresses or electronics.

Here is a downloadable version of a great budget tracker to guide your first few months of sharing spending with a loved one. How do you and your significant other track your spending? Share in the comments!


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