5 apps to save money
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Five Apps That Will Help You Save Money Now

Saving money is a daunting task. Whether you're hoping to start a vacation fund or an emergency fund, it's hard to know where and how to get started. Luckily, in today's technologically advanced world, there are  several apps and websites that are designed to make saving money a breeze.

Apps to Help You Save Money

After combing through the ratings and reviews, Mattress Firm has rounded up our favorites. We're not affiliated with any of these apps or companies, just suggesting a few things that we've found to be useful.


Cost: 100-day free trial, $2.99/month

This app pulls money from your bank account in small increments (think anywhere from $0.50 to $15) every few days depending on your spending habits, upcoming bills and regular income. You won't even notice that it's pulling the money, but you'll be thrilled when you check the app and see the savings rack up.

Because the amount pulled each time may vary, be sure to keep an eye on your bank account.  Digit will refund up to two overdraft fees, but you can choose a minimum balance that will stop Digit from taking money out of your account and into savings.


Cost: $1/month if your balance is under $5,000; for anything above that, you'll pay a fee of 0.25% of your account balance. College students can use for free for up to four years.

Acorns rounds up your purchases on linked credit and debit cards to the nearest dollar and automatically adds the difference to an account. The collected money is then invested in a portfolio based on your goals and income.

You can choose between options that range from conservative (a higher percentage of bonds) to aggressive (a higher percentage of stocks).


Cost: free

Mint is a budgeting app that allows you to track all of your accounts in one place, see your personal spending trends and set budgets for different areas of your life (mortgage, food, gas, groceries, shopping, etc.).

In the app, you can see what bills are due and when they're due, set up alerts for if you're hot on budget, and get your free credit score, so you can always see how your finances are doing.


Cost: free

If you find yourself online shopping often, you need to know about  Ebates. Get paid to shop when you sign up for an account on this site — it aggregates online coupons and cash back deals for tons of retailers and websites.

Once you set up your account, you can add an extension to your web browser that automatically searches for deals on whatever sites you visit. A simply resource for finding the best prices on your favorite products, Mattress Firm loves the Ebates browser extension. As you shop and your cash back add up, they'll send you a check in the mail of the money you earned — just for shopping!


Cost: free

Great for goal-setting,  Qapital lets you set different rules to automate savings. For example, you can set a rule to have the app round up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and add the difference to savings. You can also set up goals within the app that allow you to look toward the future with your savings.

The app also lets you automatically transfer funds to your account when you spend less on something that you budgeted for. You can also add a lump sum to your savings at any time. Even better, you can earn up to 0.1% interest on all Qapital accounts, which is relatively low for a savings account — but hey, it's better than nothing!


Whether you use an app to stay on track, or just try it the old-fashioned way, having at least 2-3 months of living expenses set aside in an emergency account is just another way to help you sleep more soundly.

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