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Five Ways to Treat Yourself Without Wasting Your Tax Refund

With tax season in full swing, you may be thinking about how you’re going to spend that highly anticipated refund. While you want to be practical with your refund and put it to good use (like adding it to a savings account or using it to pay off a credit card), Mattress Firm has a few ways you can treat yourself without wasting your tax refund or feeling that dreaded buyer’s remorse.

1. Add to a vacation fund. 

Let’s face it — you deserve a vacation. If you put your refund toward a relaxing week at the beach, you’ll not only reap the benefits, but you won’t feel bad about putting that money toward some much needed R&R.


2. Take a trip to the spa. 

Spend some of your refund on a massage or a day at the spa. You’ll be happy you rewarded yourself and will be sure to feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterward.


3. Splurge on some fitness classes or a new gym membership.

If you’re still working on those New Years resolutions, now is a great time to recommit to your goals. Buy a few of the fitness classes you’ve been wanting to try or sign-up at a new gym. By investing this money back into YOU, it’ll be worth every penny.


4. Invest in your home. 

Now is a great time to purchase that new washer and dryer you’ve been needing or that new mattress you’ve had your eye on. You’ll feel good about putting that money to something that you need instead of making an impulse purchase somewhere else.


5. Save, but spend a little. 

Mattress Firm’s got some advice you’re not used to hearing: #TreatYoSelf! As long as you’re not blowing your entire refund on a shopping spree, it’s okay to spoil yourself sometimes. Sure, put the majority of your refund into savings… but treat yourself to that new phone you’ve been wanting or that new outfit you’ve had your eye on. A little treat every now-and-then will keep you from over-indulging in a spending spree.

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