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Furnishing Your Apartment On a Budget

It's true that adulting can be tough. Budgets are annoyingly necessary, and perfecting your apartment can seem impossible.

Another truth? You can do it. Furnishing your apartment on a budget can be both surprisingly simple and refreshingly rewarding.

So before you spend your entire paycheck on that must-have painting and matching rug, read through some simple tips about how to decorate your apartment — successfully and affordably.

Deal or No Deal

Many retailers target the spring and fall to reveal new products. This usually means they have to make room on the sales floor. So, target March and September to find the best sales. However, for a great deal any time of year, check out the  Sleepy's mattresses and see how you can save this weekend.

Gotta Have It

There are some things that just make a house a home. For some, it's a painting. For others, it's a tropical fish tank. But just figure out items that you could live without in order to make room for your I'm-treating-myself-and-I-don't-care items. And know that if you get this, you may not get that.

Budget-Friendly Furnishings

Money might not buy happiness, but it sure can go a long way toward furnishing a room. Of course, most of us don't have a stack of savings sitting around, ready to be spent on our apartment. But there is a solution: financing. It helps your credit. It alleviates the need to have a bunch of money saved up. And, if the right deal presents itself, it can become an afterthought.

Multipurpose, Multi-awesome

Multipurpose furniture helps you double down on your budget — literally. Instead of getting just a dresser, turn it into a TV stand. That's not just a dining table — it's your work station for when you work from home. This works especially well for smaller homes. You may not have room for everything you dream of, so finding practical ways to double up usefulness of items is key.

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