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The Ultimate Family Night on a Budget

As a child, summer nights were filled with chasing fireflies, making s'mores and hours of endless fun that didn't cost a thing. But as you get older, fun family nights can start to add up. From the costs of amusement parks to vacations and beyond, prices are on the rise. But with just a little bit of creativity, your memorable summer night doesn't have to break the bank.

Whether you're looking for a fun night at home or an adventure outside,  Mattress Firm has some great solutions for your next family night this summer:

Movies and Munchies

Nothing says "summer night" like a good-ole movie marathon. Pile up the family in bed to watch a few of your favorites with tasty snacks and treats nearby.

You can make your viewing party even better with more room in your bed. Stop hearing the words "move over" and consider sizing up your mattress for less at your local Mattress Firm. With a larger mattress, you can turn your movie night from drab to fab! With endless positions and more space, your family will want to watch all night long!

The Great Outdoors

Instead of packing up the car and taking a long road trip, bring the campsite to your backyard. Set up tents and sleeping bags outside and practice your stargazing and scary storytelling. Although it may not be the wilderness, with a little imagination and homemade s'mores, your backyard camp out will not disappoint.

Want to make your outdoor adventure even more realistic? Have your family leave all electronics indoors, allowing you to bond without any distractions. After all, cell service is rare when camping!

Game Night

From Twister and Monopoly to Jenga and Candyland, there are a number of board game options to play for a night of family fun. Whether you use this night to embrace your competitive spirit or just want to gather together as a family, game night is always a good idea.

As a parent, it's hard not to feel nostalgic for your summer nights as a kid. Bring home some of your favorite games from when you were a child and take a trip down memory lane with your family.

Create, Construct and Craft

Feeling crafty? Stop by your local craft store and stock up on supplies for the ultimate night of glitter, glue and googly eyes. Whether you paint or draw on a canvas or construct something new with clay, this night is all about creativity.

If you want the whole family to get involved, try picking a person, place or thing for each one of you to recreate. Although they will all be modeled after the same thing, everyone's will look different, bringing something new to the table.

Bottom line? Next time you're planning a family night, don't worry about emptying your wallet — without the budget-busting activities, you'll have more excitement and energy for fun family nights to last the whole summer.

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