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Nanit Breathing Wear 3-pack Swaddles

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    Breathing Wear™ works exclusively with the Nanit Plus & Nanit Pro cameras to monitor your baby's breathing motion without putting sensors on your baby. Small size contains three Swaddles suitable for babies 0-3 months old or 6-15 lbs. Large size contains three large Swaddles suitable for babies 3-6 months old or 13-20 lbs.


      100% cotton swaddle to comfortably track your baby’s breathing motion

      No electronics or sensors in the product, on your baby, or in the crib

      Prevents babies waking themselves up from the startle reflex

      Secure, quiet-open hook and loop attachments for the perfect fit

      Easy diaper changes - custom-designed elongated zipper makes nighttime visits a breeze

      Easy glide, pinch-proof, two-way zippers

      Hip healthy - widened leg area ensures baby has enough room

      Purchase Nanit Breathing Wear with your Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account

      Machine washable


      This product includes
      Contains three small or large Nanit Breathing Wear™ Swaddles
      Size: Small (0-3 months / 6-15 lbs / 2.7-6.8 kg)
      Size: Large (3-6 months / 13-20 lbs / 5.9-9.1 kg)
      Small - 0.25" x 10" x 20", (1 lb.)
      Large - 0.25" x 11" x 22", (1.13 lbs.)
      About nanit
      Launched in 2016, the Nanit family of products keeps parents connected, informed and provides personalized insights and guidance to support their baby’s sleep and well-being. From the AI-powered Nanit Pro camera that tracks and analyzes baby’s sleep and growth, to real-time breathing motion monitoring with Breathing Wear, to capturing amazing memories, Nanit helps parents see and understand everything happening in and around the crib.
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