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Kingsdown Select Chardonnay 14.5" Firm Mattress

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    Why Our Sleep Experts™ Love It

    “The Kingsdown Chardonnay delivers! Latex foams, zoned coils and hand-tufting means a firm feel with quality that lasts.” - Randy W., Sleep Expert

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    The Chardonnay provides firm support, wrapped in an elevated design with extreme attention to detail. Every Kingsdown Select® mattress is hand tufted with precision, eliminating the need for harsh glues and additives. This delicate process requires specialized craftsmanship and helps extend the life of your mattress. Just beneath the soft knit cover lie cushioning materials, including gel-infused, latex and a layer of exclusive, natural Joma Wool®. This luxuriously soft layer wicks away moisture and is one of the most sought-after fibers in the bedding industry. Joma Wool is nonallergenic, and acts as a natural insulator to consistently balance surface temperature in every season. Next, a layer of firm pressure-relieving latex delivers resilient support and comfort. The Silent Partner® innerspring unit features more than one thousand individually wrapped coils to deliver unmatched postural support and alignment. Its tri-zoned system features heavier gauged coils in the center third to target the lumbar region, exactly where it’s needed most. Silent Partner® Technology adds an undetectable foam divider that separates both sides of the bed to mitigate partner disturbance, giving each sleeper their individual half for uninterrupted sleep and motion isolation. Finally, high-density foam encasement reinforces the mattress edges for additional support when getting in and out of bed. Experience supportive, luxurious sleep with the Kingsdown Select Chardonnay. This mattress pairs well with the PureCare® Luxury Cooling Bedding Collection and the MF 900 Adjustable Base.


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