Temperature is a major part of sleeping well—the National Sleep Foundation recommends a bedroom temperature between 60 and 67 degrees for optimal sleep quality at night. If keeping your bedroom cool still leaves you feeling too warm at night or summer weather makes temperature control more difficult in your bedroom, browse our cooling pillow selection to find a pillow that helps regulate your temperature each night. You may find it makes a significant difference in the way you rest, year-round or just during the warmer months.

Our cooling pillow selection includes a wide variety of pillows designed to pull heat away from your body at night. Heat dissipates naturally through the head, so by sleeping atop a cooling material rather than an insulating or less breathable material, you’ll work with your body’s natural temperature control strategy, rather than against it.

Many manufacturers use gel memory foam to facilitate heat transfer in cooling pillows, infusing regular memory foam with gel, gel beads, or another type of Phase Change Material (PCM) to move heat away from your body and to limit the pillow’s ability to retain heat over time. However, we also sell less common cooling pillows, including the Purple pillow and options made with naturally breathable latex foam. Manufacturers also often add extra ventilation into cooling pillows to encourage air to move freely, rather than remaining trapped, throughout the night.

Cooling aside, it’s still important to consider factors like sleep position and past pillow preferences when choosing a cooling pillow. We have a range of soft, medium, and firm options to cater to any sleep position. In general, side sleepers prefer softer pillows while back and stomach sleepers favor firmer, more supportive pillows. Ultimately, the pillow that you feel comfortable on is the best option for you, so don’t feel restricted by those guidelines.

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