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SnoreMD Bruxor Dental Guard

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    The Bruxor Dental Guard is a simple, safe, and highly effective mouth and teeth guard that absorbs grinding and clenching pressure while preventing enamel wear and tear, reducing morning head and mouth aches and improving sleep issues related to grinding and clenching.


    • Moldable to different mouth shape alignments and teeth sizes
    • BPA and latex-free copolymer plastic
    • Relief for headaches and jaw pain associated with grinding and clenching
    • Durable, dental lab quality bite impressions
    • Slim, lightweight design allows for speaking, drinking, and mouth breathing
    • Sustains normal wear and tear for six months


    • 4.75” L x 1.5” W x 2.5” H
    • Product Weight: 5 oz.
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    We design, develop, manufacture, and distribute sleep-related products that treat common conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea. We work to develop an unparalleled level of insight into patients' needs. Our best-in-class products are focused on on exceeding patient expectations on both effectiveness and affordability. Our industry-leading brands are recognized worldwide for quality. Apnea Sciences strives to provide innovative medical products for the treatment and management of sleep disorders to advance the health and well-being of society. We integrate the latest science and innovation into patient-centered products to provide solutions for sleep-disordered breathing through the advancements in diagnosis and treatment. We help people who suffer from sleep-related disorders such as snoring & sleep apnea, and work to raise awareness of these conditions.
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