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Sleepy's Hush 11" Plush Pillow Top Encased Coil Mattress

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"This mattress will have you sleeping cool and comfortable with minimum tossing and turning "- Lenni Stays

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Stretch your budget further and stretch out on your new Sleepy's mattress. The Sleepy's Hush 11” pillow top mattress contours perfectly to every curve by utilizing four unique layers of foam. Two soft quilt foam layers that sit on top of a comfort foam layer provide ultimate luxurious comfort and superior pressure relief. The cooling gel-infused memory foam dissipates body heat, while the high-density, individually wrapped coil system minimizes motion transfer which reduces tossing and turning. At the very bottom, a layer of high-density, shock-absorbing base foam helps the encased coils react to your body movement and enhances support. The sides are encased by five-and-a-half foam rails that support the top layers of your mattress, so it won’t sag or settle, no matter how you sleep.