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Kingsdown Select® Chardonnay Firm Mattress Overview

The Kingsdown Select® Chardonnay 14.5" Firm Mattress is handcrafted and full of natural features, making it ideal for allergy sufferers or those seeking an eco-friendly mattress. The firm feel is great for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers, who’ll benefit from a solid surface and cushioning support from the layer of natural latex. The layer of luxurious Joma Wool®, one of the most coveted natural materials in the bedding industry, regulates temperature and adds comfort. And to ensure your partner doesn’t interrupt your sleep, cutting-edge Silent Partner® Technology creates motion isolation. Underpinning all this natural goodness is an ultra-high-density coil support system for personalized support.

Product Benefits
  • Breathable
  • Pressure Relief
  • Support
  • Motion Separation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Craftsmanship
  • Natural Materials
  • Adjustable Base Friendly
Kingsdown Select Chardonnay Firm Mattress Overview
Close your eyes and imagine lying down in a firm, grassy field. That’s the sensation you’ll get when you lie on this natural mattress. Its firmness makes it most suitable for stomach sleepers, and some back sleepers, who desire a solid sleep surface.
An antimicrobial cover and breathable premium materials minimize heat retention in the mattress for a fresher sleep environment. The layer of Joma Wool®, nature’s miracle fiber, wicks away moisture and regulates your temperature – insulating or cooling you as needed for a deeper, restorative sleep.
A substantial coil density, far exceeding that of other mattresses, and a unique zoning design deliver unmatched postural support, especially for your lower back. The revolutionary Silent Partner® Technology seamlessly divides the mattress in half and delivers separate, personalized support systems for you and your partner.
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“The Kingsdown Chardonnay delivers! Latex foams, zoned coils and hand-tufting means a firm feel with quality that lasts.”

- Randy W., Sleep Expert
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Details & Specs

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • About Kingsdown Select
  • Delivery & Shipping
  • Warranty
  • Description

    The Chardonnay provides firm support, wrapped in an elevated design with extreme attention to detail. Every Kingsdown Select® mattress is hand tufted with precision, eliminating the need for harsh glues and additives. This delicate process requires specialized craftsmanship and helps extend the life of your mattress.

    Just beneath the soft knit cover lie cushioning materials, including gel-infused, latex and a layer of exclusive, natural Joma Wool®. This luxuriously soft layer wicks away moisture and is one of the most sought-after fibers in the bedding industry. Joma Wool is nonallergenic, and acts as a natural insulator to consistently balance surface temperature in every season. Next, a layer of firm pressure-relieving latex delivers resilient support and comfort. The Silent Partner® innerspring unit features more than one thousand individually wrapped coils to deliver unmatched postural support and alignment.

    Its tri-zoned system features heavier gauged coils in the center third to target the lumbar region, exactly where it’s needed most. Silent Partner® Technology adds an undetectable foam divider that separates both sides of the bed to mitigate partner disturbance, giving each sleeper their individual half for uninterrupted sleep and motion isolation. Finally, high-density foam encasement reinforces the mattress edges for additional support when getting in and out of bed.

    Experience supportive, luxurious sleep with the Kingsdown Select Chardonnay. This mattress pairs well with the PureCare® Luxury Cooling Bedding Collection and the MF 900 Adjustable Base.

  • Specifications
    Comfort Type:


    Mattress Height:


    • Silent Partner Technology Provides Unparalleled Motion Isolation
    • Premium, Firm Gel Provides Supportive Comfort for Enhanced Pressure Relief and Spinal Alignment
    • Natural Dunlop Latex Provides Added Pressure Relief and Comfort While Also Providing a Cooling Conforming Feel
    Mattress Layer Breakdown: Quilting Layers:

    • Viscose Knit Cover
    Comfort Layers:

    • Joma Wool®
    • 1” Firm Latex
    • 2” Solid Firm Foam
    Support System:

    • 9” Tri-Zoned Coil with Exclusive Silent Partner Technology
    • Ventilated Foam Edge Support
  • About Kingsdown Select

    Using the finest fabrics sourced from around the world, the Kingsdown Select Collection boasts exquisite, best-in-class cushioning materials and exceptional attention to detail. Its core support system provides a solid foundation—featuring Silent Partner technology that helps isolate motion while offering tri-zoned support to help relieve pressure points where you need it most. Its timeless yet contemporary design is a luxurious take on today’s mattress. And finally, every Kingsdown Select mattress is hand tufted to ensure consistent quality that will prolong the life of your bed.

  • Delivery & Shipping
    Silver Service FREE

    Delivery to your front door, side door or garage. Contactless delivery, meaning we won't enter your home. No removal of your old mattress set.

    Gold Service $79.99 - $119.99

    In-home setup and removal of your old mattress.

    Platinum Service $149.99

    In-home setup of Adjustable Base and up to 3 mattress sets.

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  • Warranty

    10 Year Limited Warranty


    Warranty Coverage

    We warrant to the original purchaser, subject to the terms provided in this warranty, that the mattress and/or box spring manufactured by us which you have purchased (“Sleep System by Kingsdown, Inc.”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship as described in this brochure. This limited warranty begins the day you purchase your set of bedding and will remain in effect until the product by Kingsdown, Inc., is no longer owned by the original purchaser, or the limited warranty period (as shown below in the illustration) expires, whichever first occurs.

    If your set of bedding is replaced through a warranty claim during the non-prorated/prorated period of the warranty, your original warranty remains in effect from your original purchase date.

    If your product by Kingsdown, Inc. has a defect covered by this limited warranty, Kingsdown, Inc. will provide a replacement if a valid warranty claim is properly submitted within the applicable non-prorated period of the warranty. The replacement, if the claim is submitted in the non-prorated period of the warranty, will be provided at no charge, upon verification of the valid warranty claim, however, you will be responsible for any applicable transportation and handling fees.

    Only the defective piece or part will be replaced, not the entire set of bedding, unless the entire set is determined to be defective. Replacement of one piece will not automatically result in the replacement of the other piece.

    In the event of replacement, Kingsdown, Inc. reserves the right to use the closest comparable materials or models and does not guarantee that the replacement will match the existing piece.

    In the event of a claim filed in the pro-rated period of the warranty, and the product is approved to be returned, your remedy will be the issuance of a merchandise credit from the retailer from whom you purchased the item, for an amount based on the warranty schedule calculation, which you may use toward the piece authorized for replacement. You will be responsible for any applicable transportation and handling fees of a return and/or exchange. If the retailer is no longer in existence, please see the section of this warranty titled “How to Make a Warranty Claim”.


    Warranty Coverage Parameters

    This warranty applies to the following manufacturing defects occurring during proper use and care of your sleep system product by Kingsdown, Inc.:

    Mattress (both as a set or mattress only)

    • Sagging: defined as a 1”[non-quilted] 1 1/2”[quilted] or greater unrecoverable indentation when no weight is resting on the bed surface and when the following criteria has been met:
      • Mattress has been continuously supported by the matching box spring or an equivalent Kingsdown, Inc. approved box spring/foundation and;
      • Mattress and box spring are resting in an appropriate frame with a center support that includes a center leg resting firmly on the floor; or five rigid cross slats with at least one rigid center leg resting firmly on the floor;
      • Or Mattress has been continuously supported by a solid platform surface with a rigid center;

    The proper center support & leg is required for all sleep systems and all sizes. (Sizes: Twin, Twin Long, Full, Full Long, Queen, King and California King). Zippered mattress covers: Do not remove zippered covers.

    • A two year warranty after original purchase date from
    • Manufacturing defects and flaws of the fabric and of the zipper


    • Splitting, broken, warped, bent, loose elements of the wood frames.
    • Squeaks, rattles or noises.
    • Sagging: defined as a severe compression of 1/2” or greater and this compression has occurred when the following criteria has been met:
      • the sleep system has been continuously used with an appropriate frame consisting of a center support and a center leg resting firmly on the floor ; or five rigid cross support slats with at least one rigid center leg resting firmly on the floor.


    This Warranty DOES NOT apply to the following:

    • Covers (including stains, soiling, burns, rips, tears, etc.).
    • Handles (which should be used only to position the mattress and may pull out if used to support the full weight of the mattress).
    • Structural damage due to using an improper box spring, platform or bed frame with an improper support system. All proper support systems include a center support and a center leg which rests firmly on the floor.
    • Comfort preference.
    • Bedding Height.
    • Corner Guards.
    • Body impressions. Kingsdown, Inc. will not consider normal body impressions to constitute a defect in material or workmanship for purposes of this limited warranty.
    • Impressions in the mattress that measure less than 1” (non-quilted) or 1 1/2” (quilted) sagging that has occurred due to lack of proper support.
    • Impressions in the foundation that measure less than 1/2” or sagging that has occurred due to lack of proper support.
    • Mattress damage due to using an inappropriate box spring, platform, foundation or bed frame or to using an improper support system.
    • Mattress or foundation from which the law tag has been removed and cannot be produced by the original purchaser. Kingsdown innerspring mattresses placed directly on an open slatted mattress support system; For example a platform bed frame in which your mattress rests directly upon the slats which have open spaces between the slats. This will damage your innerspring mattress and void your warranty. This type of support system can be modified by adding a solid platform on top of the slat system.
    • Mattress or foundation for which proof of date and place of purchase is not provided.
    • Mattress or foundation which has been purchased as an item subject to sales terms “as is” or similar terms.
    • Mattress or foundation sold by anyone other than Kingsdown, Inc. or an authorized retailer of Kingsdown, Inc. products, or which is owned by anyone other than the original consumer purchaser.
    • Mattress or foundation if found to be in an unsanitary condition, or altered, abused or damaged through accident, neglect or improper usage, including stains of any type or origin.
    • Damage to the zippered mattress cover due to improper care.
    • Sheet Fit.
    • Transportation and costs associated with inspection
    • Bedding used in facilities such as institutions, motels or hotels.


    Any and all implied warranties on your sleep system product by Kingsdown, Inc., including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, shall not exceed in duration the term during which this limited warranty is in effect.

    The retailer through whom you have purchased the product has no authority to extend or modify the terms of the limited warranty and no extension or modification of this limited warranty shall be authorized by or binding upon Kingsdown, Inc.

    Your sole remedy for any defect or deficiencies in the sleep system product by Kingsdown, Inc., you have purchased or for a breach of the limited warranty during the non-prorated period of the warranty shall be to have Kingsdown, Inc. replace the product in accordance with the terms and conditions of this limited warranty. If in the pro-rated period of the warranty, your sole remedy will be the issuance of a merchandise credit for an amount based on the warranty schedule calculation, which you may use for the piece authorized for replacement. In either case, Kingsdown, Inc. shall not be liable to pay any consequential or incidental damages, or damages or expenses of any other nature whatsoever; arising from use or ownership of the sleep system product by Kingsdown, Inc., or from breach of the limited warranty stated herein.

    Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


    How to Make a Warranty Claim

    Notification of claims under this limited warranty or other inquiries shall be directed to the retailer from whom the sleep system product by Kingsdown, Inc., was originally purchased, or if the retailer cannot be contacted, to Kingsdown, Inc. P.O. Box 388, Mebane, North Carolina 27302. After providing notification of your claim, you should then promptly follow the instructions provided by the retailer or by Kingsdown, Inc. You must keep your sales receipt or other proof of purchase and provide copies of these documents at the time you submit a claim under this limited warranty. Any claim filed must be validated by either third party inspection or review of owner-supplied material that is compliant with instructions provided by Kingsdown,Inc., whichever route is deemed appropriate by Kingsdown, Inc. If it is necessary for Kingsdown, Inc. to handle the claim directly, then the original purchaser will pay the full cost of handling and transportation to and from the nearest Kingsdown, Inc. facility.

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