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Details & Specs

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • About Leggett and Platt
  • Delivery & Shipping
  • Warranty
  • Description

    The Leggett and Platt 50 Series is perfect for an entry level adjustable base. This bases’ modern design beautifully combines function and fashion, while the frame responds to your body’s natural movements. This is the perfect base if you want to read a book or watch television in bed as it lifts your head to the perfect angle you adjust it to.

  • Specifications
    • 700 lb. lift capacity
    • Head only adjustability
    • Base:
    • Foldable foundation
    • Retainer bar
    • Legs come attached
    • Base Height 10.5”
    • Remote:
    • Sync capable (cable included)
    • Wired - 2 button option
  • About Leggett and Platt
    Leggett and Platt furniture can turn your bedroom into a more restful, tranquil place. Leggett and Platt products available at Mattress Firm include bed frames and adjustable bases that work with many mattresses. Check out our selection of Leggett and Platt accessories and more to find the right piece for your sleep space.
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  • Warranty

    Limited Warranty

    CHART (See law label for letter code):


    No Warranty


    30 Day



    Day O

    1 Year


    5 Year (1 Full / 4 Prorated)


    10 Year (1 Full / 9 Prorated)


    10 Year (5 Full / 5 Prorated)


    10 Year Non-Prorated (10 Full)

    This mattress and/or foundation is guaranteed to the original purchaser against structural defects (exclusive of ticking cover), which are caused by the manufacturer with the following limitations:

    1. Within the full warranty period, the manufacturer, at its option, will either repair or replace said mattress and/or foundation without charge; except for transportation costs. If warranty falls within pro-ration period, in addition to transportation costs the consumer will be responsible for any pro-ration and/or upgrade fees when applicable.

    2. After the first year, if manufacturer determines that the mattress and/or foundation is defective, such defective article will either be repaired or replaced (at the manufacturer’s option) at a prorated value.

    3. This warranty will apply only if the mattress and/or foundation is in good condition-except for structural defect to be remedied- and not otherwise stained, damaged, abused, misused or unsanitary. The manufacturer also reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality in making the repair or replacement.

    4. All service must be handled directly through the original dealer, and not through the manufacturer. If service cannot be effected through the dealer, then the purchaser can notify the manufacturer. The manufacturer must then be given a reasonable time to remedy any defect; and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange and pay all transportation costs to and from the manufacturer or their vendor.

    5. This warranty is applicable only in the United States of America; and, any and all implied warranties pertaining to this mattress and/or foundation shall not exceed in duration the term of this limited warranty. No other warranties are expressed or implied.

     6. Warranty on Queen Size mattress and/or foundation will apply only when the foundation is used on a frame or bed rail that provides a rigid center support.

    7. This warranty is voided when products are not purchased in sets. Removal of Law Label VOIDS WARRANTY  

    Mattress sagging and upholstery pocketing areas are formed into the mattress by the body’s different contours. No mattress will remain perfectly flat on the surface forever. The Industry Standard terminology for these indentions is “Body Impression”. These impressions are inherent into the mattress due to more foam layering, added insulator pads, memory foam, and Dacron materials in construction. Queen and King sized mattresses may have impressions that are more noticeable, and the Euro and Pillow Top models carry the deepest impressions. Industry Standard for a body impression that is considered a manufacturing defect is greater than 1½ inches, less than that is considered normal product variation.

    In the above illustration the new mattress is designed to give better alignment to your body and spine, as well as relieve pressure and increase blood flow. To reduce the body impressions, rotate your mattress once a month.

    1) Periodically turn or rotate your mattress.

    2) We recommend using a fitted mattress protector. It will provide protection for your mattress from daily wear and tear, elements, and provide you with a more sanitary sleeping surface. In addition it will help prevent stains that could possibly void your warranty.


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  • How do adjustable beds work?

    It's simple. Adjustable bases are motorized, ergonomic and remote-controlled. Technology does all the work. You just press a button, and it'll raise and lower your adjustable bed into any position you can dream of.

  • Do adjustable beds help with sleep apnea?

    Yes, adjustable beds can help with sleep apnea. When you sleep in an elevated-head position, rather than flat, the airway experiences less blockage. By relieving pressure on your throat and lungs, sleeping on an adjustable base bed can help alleviate some of the symptoms of sleep apnea.

  • What are the best mattresses for adjustable beds?

    Almost every mattress type we sell is perfectly compatible with your new adjustable bed. So if you're in a memory foam, innerspring or hybrid mattress, you'll be all set. And the best part? It works on any size mattress. You can use a California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, Twin size—we even offer a split queen adjustable bed, so you’ll be sure to find the right adjustable bed base for you!

  • Does an adjustable bed help with pressure points?

    Adjustable bases can help with pressure points by making it easy to relieve target problem areas such as your back, legs or joints. By adjusting your mattress to a reclined position, the “zero gravity” feel removes the stress placed on your pressure points, virtually eliminating them. Being in an elevated position also helps improve blood circulation, to help you sleep comfortably.

  • Is an adjustable bed worth it?

    Definitely. It can customize your sleeping positions and optimize your bed for entertainment and lounging. There is a variety of adjustable bed models to choose from, so you can rest assured that you'll find one that fits your sleep style and budget. We offer the best adjustable bed brands, like Leggett & Platt, and Serta.

  • What is a split adjustable base?

    Just like split king mattresses, a split adjustable base is great for couples who have different comfort needs. A split adjustable bed allows both you and your partner to customize each side of the mattress to achieve personalized support independent of what the other prefers.

  • Are a motorized base, adjustable base, adjustable bed and electric base all the same thing?

    Call it whatever you want, but we just call it taking your sleep to a whole new level. Motorized bases, adjustable bases, adjustable beds, adjustable bed frames, adjustable mattresses and electric bases are all the same thing.

  • Is an adjustable bed good for your back?

    Science has proved that the use of an adjustable base can be good for your back. Reclining on an adjustable mattress is good for your back because it relieves pressure points, helping reduce the stress on your joints. It also can improve blood circulation, which makes sleeping easier on the entire circulatory system.

  • Can you put any mattress on an adjustable bed?

    Some coil-based mattresses are not compatible with adjustable bed frames. For example, mattresses that have verticoil or bonnel coil systems are not made to bend and can't be used with an adjustable base. But don't worry. All mattresses that are compatible will be clearly marked in the product overview section, or your store associate will let you know. And don't worry about it fitting your furniture. Nearly every adjustable base we sell is designed to fit perfectly inside your headboard and footboard rail system.

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