Mattress Firm 900 Adjustable Base

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$2,099.00 - $2,699.00
Pay over  48 months!
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  • See product specs below for details.
  • See product specs below for details.

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Available to try

Available to try today at Mattress Firm

Leesburg Change Store

1612 Village Market Blvd SE

Today: open until 7:00 PM
Tomorrow: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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  • Product Overview

    Experience unparallel sleep at an economical price with the Mattress Firm 900 Adjustable Base. The head and feet up positioning may help relieve aches, and pains while the edge to edge lumbar section can provide superior back support. The Mattress Firm 900 is the best adjustable bed for the person who enjoys watching TV, reading or even eating in bed; the base is equipped with Therapeutic Dual Massage, Under Bed LED Lighting, voice-powered app to control the base and so much more. The adjustable base features three per-set positions or program your own ideal position with the remote customizing the base to fit your personal sleep needs.

  • Specs
    • Head and Feet Adjustability
    • Anti Snore Position
    • Pillow-tilt Articulation
    • Therapeutic Dual Massage
    • Voice Powered App
    • No Tools Required for Quick Assembly
    • Retainer Brackets Securely Hold the Mattress in Place
    • Adjustable Legs
    • Base Height: 12.25” - 18.25”
    • Wireless Remote
    • 3 Pre-Set Memory Positions
    • Zero Gravity and Anti Snore Button
    • Wave and Massage Mode Button
    • Lounge and Incline Button
    • Flat Button
    • Energy Efficiency Rated
    • Back Up Battery System
    • Under Bed LED Lighting
      Dimensions: Twin
    • 39” W x 75” L
    • Weight Capacity: 850 lbs.
    • Twin XL
    • 39” W x 80” L
    • Weight Capacity: 850 lbs.
    • Full
    • 54” W x 75” L
    • Weight Capacity: 850 lbs.
    • Queen
    • 60” W x 80” L
    • Weight Capacity: 850 lbs.
    • 1 PC King
    • 76” W x 80” L
    • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
    • 1 PC Cal King
    • 72” W x 84” L
    • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
    • Dual Cal
    • 36” W x 84” L
    • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
    Product Code: mfi129168
  • Reviews
  • Delivery & Shipping Info
    Red Carpet Delivery


    Red Carpet Delivery Service

    At Mattress Firm, we roll out the red carpet for you with this premium service - tailored to YOUR schedule.

    • *Same day and next day delivery available In-store, Call, or Chat only
    • Free in home set up of your mattress set
    • Courteous and professionally trained Dream Team Delivery™ personnel
    • Red carpet and sanitary blue booties to protect your home
    • You can track your delivery here.

    Red Carpet Delivery Details

    If your delivery is late, simply contact the store of your original purchase after signing the delivery manifest with the delivery time stamp and we will credit your account or mail a refund check for the price of your delivery fee within three weeks.

    Participation may vary. See store for details. Not applicable on all products. As part of our Red Carpet Delivery Service, we will contact you to schedule delivery whenever it's convenient for you. While we install your new mattress, we will also haul your old mattress away.

    We do not ship internationally, to PO Boxes, Alaska or to Puerto Rico. For shipping to Hawaii please Chat or Call 1-877-384-2903

    A person 18 years or older must be present to receive the delivery. If the delivery is missed because you are not at home during your scheduled delivery window, a $79.99 redelivery fee will be required before scheduling a redelivery.

    *Same or next day delivery applicable where available.

  • Warranty Info

    Limited Warranty For Adjustable Beds

    LIMITED WARRANTY: Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the manufacturer of this product, PPJ, LLC (“Customatic®”) warrants to the original retail purchaser for the time periods stated herein that the adjustable bed system purchased from an authorized reseller of genuine Customatic® products is merchantable and free of defects and materials and is fit for the purpose of residential, non-hospital bedding. Floor samples are not warranted and are purchased AS IS. This warranty applies only to genuine Customatic® products, and without limiting the foregoing, does not apply to power cords or other accessories supplied by the seller or other parties.
    5-Year Period for All Labor:  The above warranty will apply for 5 years for labor on the bed frame, all components, parts, including, without limitation, electronics, electrical components, drive motors, WiFi module, power supply and power cords, and massage motors.
    5-Year Period for All Components: The above warranty will apply for 5 years for the bed frame, all components and parts, including, without limitation, electronics, electrical components, drive motors, WiFi module, power supply and power cords, and massage motors.
    20-Year Period for Bed Frame: The above warranty will apply for 20 Years prorated to the bed frame, defined as follows: the metal structure of the adjustable bed system only, and specifically does not include its cover, side rails, decking or legs, or other attachments thereto, such as actuator lift motors, control box, WiFi modules, power supply, power cords, control box or other electrical or mechanical components.  For years 6 through 20 the warranty will be reduced by one-fifteenth (1/15) for each year beyond the fifth year.
    Start of Warranty Period: The warranty periods stated above will commence on the date of the first retail purchase of the adjustable bed system from an authorized Customatic® reseller, provided that proof of purchase and warranty registration occur within the time and in the manner set forth below. In the case of replacement parts provided by Customatic, the warranty 
    will apply to the original warranty period and will not extend beyond such period.  
    NO OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED: The foregoing express warranty is the only warranty by Customatic and all other express warranties or warranties implied by law or otherwise (including without limitation, any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) are hereby denied and disclaimed to the full extent permitted by applicable law.
    EXCLUSIONS FROM WARRANTY: Loss, damage, malfunctions or other defects caused in whole or in part by any one or more of the following are not covered by any warranty and neither Customatic nor the seller shall be responsible for them: ordinary wear and tear; damage not directly caused by a defect covered by this express warranty; failure to comply with this user Manual and/or any other user instructions issued by Customatic for use and maintenance, including without limitation, weight limits and operation; modifications not performed by Customatic; use of any parts, components, or accessories that are not supplied by Customatic for the specific product and installed by an authorized Customatic service provider; use of the product for purposes or in a manner not expressly intended by Customatic as described in this Manual or any other misuse or abuse; storage or use outside of home or other exposure to the elements; dampness; or transportation or other handling by anyone other than Customatic.
    EXCLUSIVE LIMITED REMEDY: The sole and exclusive remedy for any item which fails to meet the express written warranty set forth above shall be, at Customatic’s option, either repair or replacement of the defective item. Customatic may require reasonable evidence of the existence of a defect, and Customatic customer service staff will discuss specific requirements with the purchaser based on the defects identified by the purchaser. Replacement parts will be provided at no cost to the purchaser, provided that the defective parts are delivered to Customatic, unless Customatic instructs otherwise in the claims process (see below). Subject to advance approval by Customatic, it will also pay reasonable shipping costs for returns requested by Customatic and replacement parts or bedding systems. 
    CLAIMS PROCESS: Prior to contacting Customatic, please refer to the TROUBLESHOOTING section of this Manual and also ensure that use and maintenance instructions in this Manual have been followed. The following process must be followed to initiate a warranty claim: (1) during the applicable warranty period stated above, contact Customatic customer service to initiate the claim and provide proof of status as the original retail purchaser from an authorized Customatic® products reseller and prior timely registration of the product (see PRODUCT REGISTRATION below); (2) identification of suspected defect and compliance with Customatic requests for 
    documentation or other evidence of the defect, such as return of parts to Customatic, the cost of which will be paid by Customatic if the defect is confirmed by it or inspection by an authorized Customatic service technician or other person approved in writing for that purpose by Customatic; and (3) remedy by Customatic as stated herein.  
    LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event shall Customatic be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatsoever caused by or arising out of any product defects, and the sole and exclusive remedy shall be repair or replacement of defective items within warranty to the extent and in the manner provided herein.