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PureCare Premium Celliant Sheet Set

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    The Celliant® sheets by PureCare provide ultimate premium comfort and advanced wellness benefits. They feature revolutionary Celliant® performance fibers which are clinically tested to absorb energy emitted by the human body and recycle it back into the body. Elements sheets are designed with comfort and designed to promote a temporary increase in blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals, the FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the act and are general wellness products. The mineral properties of Celliant performance fibers are built into each Celliant thread and will not wash out, lasting the lifetime of the product. Celliant fibers also promote increased performance, faster recovery time from physical activity and help to promote restful sleep.


    • Antimicrobial Silver Chloride to Inhibit Bacteria, Mold and Mildew that Causes Deterioration, Stains and Odors on this Product
    • Long Staple Cotton Fibers
    • Enveloping Pillowcases Secure Your Pillow within Each Pillowcase
    • Additional 4" Width to the Flat Sheet Provides Complete Coverage
    • 1" Elastic Band Prevents Your Fitted Sheet from Slipping Off Your Mattress
    • Fitted Sheets are Ideal for Standard or Adjustable Bases
    • Extra Deep Pockets for Mattress Depths up to 18" Deep
    • *All Split Sizes Include Two Fitted Sheets and One Flat Sheet

    Sheet set includes

    • One Fitted Sheet
    • One Flat Sheet
    • Two Enveloping Pillowcases/One Pillowcase for Twin and Twin XL


    • 94” W x 106” L
    • 112” W x 106” L
    Cal King
    • 108” W x 106” L
    Split King
    • 112” W x 106” L
    Split Cal
    • 108” W x 106” L
    About purecare
    PureCare designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. Their mattress and pillow protectors, premium sheets, and pillows—all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials—are revolutionary to today's health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. PureCare’s mission is to design unique products that incorporate technical textiles which help create a haven of comfort and hygiene in your sleep environment. Mix and match our premium sheets, pillows, and protectors for the ideal blend of product protection and comfort that only PureCare can offer.
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