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Purple Royal Seat Cushion

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    Sit on your butt all day? Take the pressure off your butt. The 2-inch Royal Purple® Seat Cushion is a popular choice for office heroes, long-haul drivers, authors, artists, CEOs, and anyone who spends a good chunk of the day working on their derriere. In true Purple scientific form, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™ absorbs the pressure of your tailbone, your wallet, or whatever’s being a literal pain in the butt. It’s also naturally temperature neutral, so you don’t end up with sweaty glutes. This seat cushion gives comfy lumbar support for long sitting sessions, its ideal for the car, office chair or anywhere you want to sit comfortably.


      Long-term comfort for those who spend all day sitting down

      The seat cushion is ideal for the car, office chair or anywhere you want to sit comfortably

      Comfy lumbar support for long sitting sessions

      2"Smart Comfort Grid™ absorbs pressure so you sit comfy longer

      Washable cover with convenient handle keeps it clean and easy to carry

      Temperature-neutral Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ keeps you from sweating your butt off

      Perfect size for most chairs so you can sit comfortably just about anywhere


      One Size - 2"H x 18"W x 16"L, (5.4 lbs)
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