5 Little Monkeys was inspired by our children and a simple love for sleep. When our daughters were ready to leave their cribs and move into their first big girl beds, we discovered there was not a mattress in the marketplace specifically designed for the needs of children. This was shocking to us, as our family has been in the bedding business for over 70 years. So, with our expertise in the bedding industry, and a few years of parenting under our belt, we set out to create the ideal sleep system for kids. The result is 5 Little Monkeys, and we are so excited to share it with you!

Study after study proves the importance of good rest for child development. But before we created 5 Little Monkeys, we couldn’t find a sleep system with children’s needs in mind. No one seemed to consider the important differences between grown-up bodies and growing bodies–or how kids sleep would be affected by those differences. Things like body weight and proportions, changing body structure, body temperature regulation, tendency to have nighttime “accidents’ and allergies. The mattresses we came across were designed for grown-up bodies and grown up needs. So, we set out to find a new way for little monkeys everywhere!

We created 5 Little Monkeys specifically for growing kids. We researched, studied and designed the optimum features and benefits to support better sleep in children. Then, we created an entire sleep system incorporating the very best of our findings. That means, not only is the 5 Little Monkeys Mattress the best choice for your growing monkeys, it’s the last one you’ll ever have to buy them!

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