Simone Biles +
Mattress Firm

We’ve been proud partners with Simone Biles since 2016, when she took home four golds. Raised in Houston just like Mattress Firm, we’re honored that Simone has put her trust in us to help her sleep better.

Talking Zzz’s
and Sleep Routines with Simone

Everyone loves sleeping—even if you’re one of the best athletes on the planet like Simone. Sleep helps reenergize and refuel the body after long days on the mat or in the office, but it all starts with the right sleep routine. So, whether you’re a four-time gold medalist or work a traditional 9-5, your sleep routine is essential for a better tomorrow.



Sleep like Simone

She’s a stomach sleeper and a vivid dreamer. And she dozes off on a plush mattress. Are you ready for gold-medal sleep?


Athletes need
sleep, too

Bad sleep or lack of sleep can put your motor skills to the test. Just ask Simone.







We’re helping foster
kids nationwide

A foster kid herself growing up, Simone sprung at the chance to help us promote our Mattress Firm Foster Kids program nationwide. She’s helped raise awareness and spearhead drives to help foster kids of all ages in need.