Sleepy's Cool Plush 12" Memory Foam Mattress


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  • Ventilated woven cover creates a more breathable surface
  • Phase change cooling gel dissipates heat and provides a cooling sensation
  • 3" Memory foam provides comfort and support
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  • Twin Extra Long

    When it comes to mattresses, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The mattress should be longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. The bed width should allow enough space to fold your arms behind your head without going beyond the mattress edge or touching your partner’s elbows (for two adults, we recommend either a queen or a king).

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Overview & Specs

Sleepy's Cool Plush 12" Memory Foam Mattress

Maintaining a cool enough sleep environment is a key part of logging quality rest each night. With the Sleepy’s Cool Plush 12” Memory Foam Mattress, you’ll stay cool enough to enjoy the benefits of cushioning and support while you sleep, without breaking the bank.

Best for side sleepers, the Sleepy’s Cool Plush may also suit back sleepers who prefer a softer mattress and don’t need the rigidity of a firmer mattress. On top, a PCM (Phase Change Material) Gel Top Surface Layer takes care of heat dissipation, drawing warmth away from the mattress while you sleep to maintain consistent temperature throughout the night. Below it, three inches of exacting, contouring memory foam give the mattress a custom feel, while limiting disruptive motion transfer for couples who move around a lot. Supporting the rest of the mattress, a nine inch high-density core provides the long-term durability you’ll need to enjoy the Cool Plush 12” for years to come.

      • Comfort Type: Plush
        Mattress Height: 12”
        Mattress Layer Breakdown:
        Quilting Layers:
      • Ventilated Woven Cover
        Comfort Layers:
      • PCM Gel Top Surface Layer
      • 3” Memory Foam
        Support System:
      • 9” High Denstiy Polyurethane Core
      • Dimensions: Twin
      • 39" W x 75" D
      • Twin XL
      • 39" W x 80" D
      • Full
      • 54" W x 75" D
      • Queen
      • 60" W x 80" D
      • King
      • 76" W x 80" D
      • Cal King
      • 72" W x 84" D
Suitable for Adjustable Base

Suitable for Adjustable Base

Low Motion Transfer

Low Motion Transfer

Cooling Technology

Cooling Technology



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10 Year Warranty

Mattress Firm warrants your Mattress, for a period of ten (10) years — full warranty — against defects in workmanship and materials. During the ten (10) years, if the product is deemed to be defective, the product will be repaired or replaced as stated below. All transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser during the entire warranty period. Your mattress will be replaced or repaired, at our option, should it be found defective because of faulty workmanship or structural defects other than specific limitations contained herein. It is understood that this does not include normal increase of softness in the foam which can occur during normal breaking in, or in the case of visco-elastic memory foam, a lessening of the gradual recovery aspect of the foam, of which such lessening, should it occur, does not reduce the continual pressure reducing and pressure relief properties of the mattress.

Substitution or use of improper foundations, platforms or other bases upon which the mattress is placed, may result in damage to the product. Should an improper base be utilized by the consumer, causing the product to default, the warranty may be voided. It is incumbent on the consumer to maintain the foundation and provide appropriate support for the mattress. We recommend the purchase of a foundation at the time of mattress purchase.

Warranty does not include any deterioration of the foam, with an indentation of less than .75 inches, not associated with a sag in the foundation, box spring , platform or frame. If such a defect appears during the ten (10) years of this warranty, we will, at our option, either repair or replace the mattress at a handling cost to be paid by the purchaser. This warranty does not include handles, as handles are to be used only for adjustment purposes and are not intended to be used to lift, turn or transport the product. If a model has been discontinued we will replace it with a mattress of equal or greater value at our option. The zippered cover on the mattress is warranted for two (2) years for defects in material or workmanship.

This warranty is void if the product is found to have been tampered with or misused by the purchaser beyond reasonable wear, and shall not apply if the product has been physically damaged intentionally or due to accident and/or neglect; including burns, cuts, water damage, mold, stains, or is otherwise abnormally soiled or unsanitary. Do not use a heating pad or electric blanket with this mattress as it will void this warranty. It is recommended that the consumer protects the mattress with a stain resistant mattress protector. This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product as indicated on the original sales invoice. Law tag must not be removed from original product as this identifies the product and the original invoice is required and is the only acceptable proof of purchase.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. In order to provide the optimum sleeping surface this premium product contains only the finest quality materials. As with all premium sleep products certain body conformity adaptations will take place as your mattress adapts to your particular body shape and type and any peculiarities in your spinal alignment or bone structure. This is to be expected and is part of the performance of your mattress. Our representative or designated agent shall make the final determination regarding repair or replacement. We do not warrant our product as a remedy for any specific medical condition and do not warrant against any complications resulting from the use or inability to use this product. We do not warrant individual comfort preferences, sheet fit or height issues resulting from purchaser’s bed frame size or headboard style.

Should this warranty be exercised and your product replaced and/or repaired, the duration of the warranty will not be extended or restarted. Terms and service related in this warranty shall be the consumers sole and exclusive remedy should the product fail during the time frame stated here in. We make no warrant beyond those terms and conditions stated.

Please retain this warranty and your original invoice for ten (10) years. 

Product Reviews

Cool Plush 12" Memory Foam Mattress is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 60.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I love this mattress! This is the first time i have bought this kind a Mattress, I had my doubts since my youngest daughter have one like this, i have two back surgery’s my doctor recommended me a firm mattress and said this is garbage mattress i said let me try it. I can’t be more happy! I got ut with the adjustable base, the best purchase ever. 5 days and 25more to go for. Since it takes 30days for your body to get used to a new bed.
Date published: 2018-03-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Firm and comfortable! The store clerk said we would not regret it if we went with our first choice on a firmer option. The queen arrived in a skinny rectangular box that we thought was the frame because it was so compact. Amazingly, over the next hour, it transformed from a pancake into a thick and luxurious mattress. We got the protective casing which makes me feel 10x better during everyday use that we will never have a problem with our warranty. So far, the bed is exactly what I wanted. When I go to sleep, I have a tremendous amount of support with enough give to make an indent where my body naturally curves. I'm about 125lb, and my husband is about 225. He says his indents do not as quickly rise when he changes positions, so it takes a minute until his side of the bed fills back in. It's only been a month, but I have confidence we are going to love and keep this bed for many years. I highly recommend the base with the header and footer rise. We always sleep with it flat, but the few minutes in an elevated foot/head position really relieve back tension. Thanks for a high quality product!! The bed is also beautifully stitched. I would come back. The deals at mattress firm are competitive for the quality you receive.
Date published: 2018-03-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from extremely comfortable bought this weeks ago and now my son is getting a good nights sleep
Date published: 2018-06-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Quality I have had this mattress for a few weeks ago and I am glad I went with the Sleepy's cool. It is a bit on the firmer side but this is what I like. For the price you can not go wrong. They had a special and I got a free adjustable frame with my purchase and I could not be more pleased.
Date published: 2018-06-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very nice mattress at a fair price I’ve been sleeping on the twin version of this mattress exclusively since it was delivered on 4/23/18. Some background: I had been experiencing a lot of morning mid-back and rib pain on my old mattress, and was not sleeping well. I am a mid-50s insomniac woman. I tried several models in the store, including Tulo and Serta iComfort memory foam, and chose this one due to its thickness, beefy feel and comfort during the 15 minutes or so of testing. Although it felt firmer than my preference, I figured it would be a good option for my back pain, and I decided to give it a try. I did not think to purchase a new foundation (“box spring”) at the time. When the new mattress arrived, the delivery team placed it on my existing box spring, as requested. They were polite, quick and efficient in their work. That night, as well as the next, I slept more soundly than I had in some time. As my body heat softened the memory foam, I sank in a bit, which felt soft on my hips, while still feeling supportive. I still awoke with my back pain, though. But, my body was new to this mattress and I wanted to give it time. I also noticed that my old box spring (18 years) was definitely not up to the task anymore. I went back to mattress firm and ordered the Sleepy’s 9” foundation, which was delivered and set up for me the next day with no delivery charge. While I simply felt I was being prudent by getting the new foundation for this heavier mattress, the new foundation also changed the feel of the set up in a good way. I did not know this would be the case, and it was a welcome improvement to an already comfortable mattress. Two weeks in, I feel my body is adjusting well. I expect that will continue a little longer, but the morning back and rib pain is gone! The bed is comfortable for me, and not too hot. In all fairness, any mattress feels hot to me, as I am a woman in my mid-50s LOL. This one does not feel hotter than my old innerspring, though, even though it is memory foam. Perhaps the gel does help with that. For anyone who is curious: most Mattress Firm staff are uncertain about who actually manufactured this mattress. Several will state that Corsicana is the manufacturer, as Corsicana does make several of the products in Mattress Firm’s Sleepy’s line. Indeed, the Sleepy’s foundation I purchased does note on the tag that Corsicana is the manufacturer. The memory foam mattresses in the current Sleepy’s line up, however, are manufactured by Classic Brands, a U.S. (Maryland) based company that has, like Corsicana, been in the mattress building business a very long time. Although Classic Brands’ main manufacturing plant is in China, that facility is owned and operated by Classic Brands. It is not simply a supplier. And, their U.S. based customer service staff (at least the woman with whom I spoke) are quite enthusiastic and excited to talk about their materials, construction and products. I could have purchased this mattress or a similar one a bit cheaper online, but the set up and removal are worth something, as is the ability to try out the mattress in the store first. While it’s priced a little bit higher than some comparable items (including those from the manufacturer who makes this product,) it’s still a reasonable price. tl;dr: I gave this mattress 5 stars at this point as it is comfortable for me, I am sleeping better than I have in a while, back and hip pain no longer greet me in the morning, it seems to be solidly constructed by a reputable manufacturer (Classic Brands) and it came at a reasonable price of 639.00 for a nice, thick 12” twin.
Date published: 2018-05-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Mattress Ever... I just purchased in store 3 days ago and I love the cool mattress temperature and the fact of it having no springs. It's plush firm like cuddles your body I have a knee injury and in the last 3 days of sleeping on this my knee has felt better.also I don't need a bunch of pillows anymore my back feels great .. I will never go back to springs. This is a great mattress Try it...
Date published: 2018-04-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Different kind of bed I bought this mattress a week ago. I have had Simmons and Serra inter-spring beds up until now. We tried it in the showroom and were hesitant as it was very firm but since it sort of confirmed to our body and the price was right we thought we would give it a try. I can say now that it is taking us a bit to get used to this type of bed but are overall very happy with it and are confident that over time it will soften up a bit. It is a well constructed bd and we are happy with our purchase
Date published: 2018-04-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from For once i sleep through the night! I bought this a couple months ago and love it! I sleep through the night!
Date published: 2018-03-23
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