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Do you find yourself hiding under your desk at work to catch a few Zzzz? Or perhaps you’ve got your hands full with carpool duty. We know that naps can be hard to fit in your day with busy schedules and obligations galore, but being well-rested is critical. Now, you don’t have to carve out time to take a little snooze because we’re bringing the snooze to you!

We’ve spent months developing an app that will change your life and the way you look at sleep. Think Uber for naps – just enter your location and within minutes, we bring you the gear and necessities for the perfect mid-afternoon nap. All you have to do is close your eyes.



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What people are saying

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“This app completely changed the way that I view naps. Within minutes of setting my location, a Snoozer driver delivered my NapSack directly to my door. Being a busy stay-at-home mom, it can be hard to fit a nap in between carpool pickups, their after-school activities and having a toddler at home with me all day. This app truly saved me and helped me get a few minutes to myself. I’m so grateful I could test it out and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!”

Rachel N. - Miami 4 stars

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“Sometimes you need someone or something to force you to slow down and take care of yourself. I work full-time, so I was a little nervous to try Snoozer since sleeping on the job isn’t typically encouraged. The nap pass included in the NapSack really helped my boss understand that I am more efficient when I’m rested. The 30 minutes I took away from work with my NapSack made me more productive the rest of the day – and I just made up my time by staying a few minutes late that day. I will totally use it again, and I bet my boss will use it, too!”

Jessica S. - Houston 3 stars

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“I was lucky enough to get to test Snoozer’s NapSack before its release. I ordered it to my office after a VERY late night with no sleep. It was delivered promptly with everything I could ever need for a refreshing nap, including a hammock to hang at my cube! I literally fell asleep within minutes. Not to mention, the Snoozer driver helped with my work while I napped! She responded to emails, participated in a meeting and even briefed me on what I missed before she left! It was amazing! I will defifinitely be ordering a Snoozer NapSack on a regular basis.”

George C. - New York City 3.5 stars

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“I am so excited about Snoozer! I was chosen to be part of the BETA testing group for the app and I cannot wait for the world to try it! The NapSack is a miracle in a bag, I’ve never felt more rested from a nap. Thank you, Mattress Firm, for helping me make naptime a priority.”

Justin M. - Austin 4 stars

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What’s inside

The NapSack gives you all the accessories you wish you had on hand to create that perfect snooze. A lavender scented pillow, along with a plush cashmere blanket help bring you the serene sleep you’ve been needing. A portable hammock that you could hang anywhere – even between the cubes at your office – for a quick mid-afternoon nap. We’re sure your boss won’t mind. Just to be safe, we’ve included a nap pass courtesy of Mattress Firm to excuse you from your busy work day to enjoy some much needed Zzzz. The NapSack has it all.

• Lavender Scented Pillow
• Plush Cashmere Blanket
• Portable Hammock
• Sleeping Bag
• Satin Sleep Mask
• Ear Plugs
• Teddy Bear for Snuggling
• Nap Pass

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