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INTELLIbed Starlight 14.25” Luxury Plush Mattress

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    Why Our Sleep Experts™ Love It

    “Firm, yet cushioning! The medical grade technology provides the best night sleep you will ever have.” - Bill W., Sleep Expert

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    Experience the future of luxury, technology and sleep wellness with the cloudlike softness of the Starlight. At the core of this mattress, an expertly engineered layer of GelMatrix™ evenly distributes your body weight with a balance of responsive support and cushioned comfort to provide best-in-class pressure relief. Developed by sleep scientists, GelMatrix™ technology is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic pure gel designed to dynamically respond to every inch of your body. Next, a unique, adaptive layer of Intellifoam provides a responsive, luxurious sleep surface for enhanced support. Finally, an 8-inch Samson Coil system works to provide motion isolation and ensure body alignment for refreshing sleep. These individually wrapped coils work to provide motion isolation and ensure body alignment for refreshing sleep. The mattress is encased in a comfort cover, treated with phase-change cooling technology to provide added softness and keep you cool all night long. Experience the innovative technology and ultimate luxury of the Starlight.


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