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BlanQuil 20 lb Weighted Blanket

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    The BlanQuil™ Weighted Blanket is a premium grade therapeutic blanket that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute the weight across your body. Deep Touch Stimulation is that calm and soothing feeling when you experience a hug by a loved one to reduce stress and anxiety. Some features of the weighted blanket include, a removable ultra-soft micro plush cover, multiple color options and is machine washable. The inner blanket features 5x5’’ stitched squares to keep eco-friendly glass micro-beads in place for even weight distribution. The blanket also promotes Deep Pressure Therapy providing a feeling of when we are hugged and is quilted with breathable fabric, so you stay comfortable throughout the night. Overall it can help provide a calming, soothing effect making it ideal for relaxing and winding down and studies have shown that using a weighted blanket while you sleep reduces movement in the night, boosting time in your deep, rejuvenating sleep cycles. Ideal for those needing a peaceful night’s rest, the BlanQuil Weighted Blanket could be the best weighted blanket for you. Experience the soothing effect of what many consider the ‘best weighted blanket’. Shifting in the blanket can occur when it does no need to worry! The BlanQuil is engineered in two parts comprised of a removable, machine washable duvet and an inner weighted blanket. Like any duvet and blanket system, the pieces move independently and shifting can happen. For this reason, we have designed the BlanQuil system to include strong ties that will help keep the duvet and blanket connected and allow you to readjust when needed. To troubleshoot unusual bunching or shifting, simply unzip the outer cover and check that all ties are secured.*Engineered to be about 8%-15% of your body weight. Recommended options are 15 LB Weighted Blanket for individuals between 99-149 Lbs. and 20 LB Weighted Blanket for individuals between 150 LBS +