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Everything You Need to Know About Box Springs

Did you just get a new mattress, but aren't sure how to properly support it?

It can be difficult to determine necessities from accessories when it comes to your bed. If you're purchasing a new mattress, one of the biggest questions is whether or not to take home a new  box spring as well.

Often referred to as “that thing under your mattress,"  box springs can provide additional support and increase longevity of your mattress, but are they essential for a good night's sleep? Check out some facts about  Mattress Firm's box spring below to help you decide if a box spring should be part of your next mattress purchase.

What are box springs? Do I need a box spring?


So, what is a mattress box spring and how do you know if you need one? A box spring is a base layer that lifts up your mattress and acts as a foundation to keep your bed even and well supported while you sleep.

Believe it or not, the term “box spring" is actually a misnomer as they have recently stopped placing actual springs within the product. Over time, manufacturers have started using a more sturdy solution to build box springs such as wood or metal. In comparison to actual springs, wood or metal helps to better support the mattress and provide you with a longer lasting, more sturdy product.

How does a box spring provide support?

Originally used to help raise the mattress up off the ground, box springs are now recommended to provide the solid support a mattress needs.

When a mattress is on the ground, there is nothing to help it absorb shock. Available in many box spring sizes, your mattress has a support system to help it maintain its shape. Over time, a mattress without a box spring can give in and alter its shape. A box spring help ensure that even a used mattress, with years of normal use, keeps maintains the same shape and structure as when you first bought it.

Box springs also raise the height of a mattress, which can make it easier to get in and out of bed. They are also considered to be more aesthetically pleasing, giving beds a more sophisticated and formal look.

Are there alternatives to box springs?

If you decide a box spring isn't for you, there are other alternatives that can support your mattress in a similar way. From  adjustable bases to platform beds and bunkie boards, all mattresses need to rest on a strong, steady surface.


However, placing your mattress on an uneven or non-supportive surface can go against  mattress warranties. Most still require the use of a supportive surface as the standard for ensuring warranty claims. Mattress Firm recommends checking your mattress' warranty to confirm the details.

All in all, not all mattresses require a box spring, but it can help protect your mattress from wear and tear and also provides additional support during sleep.

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