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Sleep and the Science of Hangovers

Having a drink can often be an easy way to unwind or enjoy some quiet time. Sometimes though, it's easy to get carried away in the moment — especially around the holidays — and imbibe a bit more than you had planned. Sure, it's all fun and games until you wake up the next morning.

Being hungover is never fun; it can leave you feeling nauseous and with a horrible headache, keeping you in bed for most of the day. And what if you actually need to get out of bed to get things done?

So, why does this temporary sickness occur, and how can you cure it? Chances are, each hangover you've had is similar to the one before. Some people typically feel sick or nauseous, while others are more prone to migraines.

Although the type and amount of alcohol can affect the way your hangover feels, generally speaking, they will all feel the same. Learning how to take care of your symptoms is the best way to conquer a hangover. If you still need help, see below for a list Mattress Firm created of ways to stop the complaints and help cure your hangover:

Binge on Breakfast

Eating might not sound like the most appealing thing, but it is proven to help. In fact, there are certain  chemicals and compounds in food that can help you the morning-after. Cysteine, found in eggs, has an amino acid that can help your liver break down toxins and potassium, which you can find in bananas and potato chips while orange juice aides with nerve and muscle function.

Try Not to Sleep In

Although the one thing you want to do is continue sleeping in bed, not only will you be further dehydrating yourself, you will also be  disrupting your sleep cycle. Your dark bedroom may be enticing, but try to overcome the temptation of going back to sleep, as it will only set you back.

Hydrate your Hangover

Because alcohol is a diuretic, we often wake up dehydrated and thirsty. Even though you may not realize it, a lot of your hangover  symptoms are partially due to dehydration, which means that replacing all of the lost liquid can help you feel better instantly. Keeping a glass of water or sports drink nearby can make all of the difference.

Limit Your Liquor

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the most effective. If you don't want to wake up hungover on Sunday morning, maybe stick to just a glass or two of wine on Saturday night. Another good rule of thumb is to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink through the night.

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