Best Mattresses for Kids

  • Girl lying on her tummy on her mattress facing a stuffed dog.
    Bed Basics
    The Best Mattresses for KidsFinding the best mattress for a kid can be a challenging task. While most adults have spent years learning which type of mattress and firmness feels best for their sleep style, kids will be building good sleep habits on the mattress you choose, so an uncomfortable or unsupportive mattress can more easily disrupt their sleep or train them be permanent stomach sleepers, which is not ideal for long-term wellness. The right mattress can help a child develop healthy sleep habits; after all, children spend much more time sleeping than adults. Buying a mattress for kids can often feel like a guessing game, since cost and size can be a factor. San Antonio, Texas-based Mattress Firm Sleep Expert™ Sarah Martinez has some insightful tips of what to keep in mind when shopping for a kids mattress that will leave them sleeping comfortably during a time when restorative rest is important for growth.
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    Sleep Tips
    The Importance of Sleep in Child DevelopmentAs a parent, we all know that getting your child to sleep can be a challenge. From the last minute bathroom breaks to the requests for just one more bedtime story, kids are known to fight off sleep, whether it be before a nap or your nightly bedtime ritual. The very rest we crave as adults, kids often see as a restraint on the excitement of life. (Oh, to be young again 😉)