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How to Wash and Dry Pillows

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    Bed Basics
    Matty Asks: PillowsGot questions about buying a new bed? Our Sleep Experts® have heard ‘em all. And with their 200+ hours of sleep training, they are here to help with all the answers. Whether you’re curious about mattress types, toppers, pillow lofts, frame options, or anything else in your bedroom, we’ve got answers. And there’s no question too small or too silly.
  • how to wash sheets and bedding accessories
    Bed Basics
    How to Wash Sheets and Other Bedding AccessoriesWhen we think of house cleaning chores, we often think of taking out the trash, scrubbing the toilets and doing the dishes, but we often fail to consider one other task: cleaning our mattress. We spend at least a third of our lives in bed, yet we rarely set aside a couple minutes to maintain our investment and all our bedding accessories.