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In Pursuit of the Best Sleep Ever

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    Sleep Tips
    In Pursuit of the Best Sleep Ever: Yoga Before BedMy name is Lauren Bowling and I'm a writer and blogger. I write about money, travel and wellness, and I am always working. I've partnered with Mattress Firm to try out some of the tips and tricks I've seen out there for better sleep…and give you the inside scoop on whether they really work. Check out my first post on the 4-7-8 breathing trick.
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    Sleep Tips
    In Pursuit of the Best Sleep Ever: Limiting Screen Time Before BedUnless you've been living under a rock (and coincidentally, do not own a smartphone) you've likely heard about how bad technology is for your sleep cycle. It's not just the blue LED light of the phone (or tablet, or television) that inhibits cortisol and makes it more difficult to fall asleep, this Harvard Business Review article reveals it's also the anxiety of being away and disconnected from our phones that can make it difficult to fall and stay in deep sleep.