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    Lifestyle & Life Moments
    What Your Hormones Do While You’re Sleeping While it may seem like sleep just happens (or doesn’t happen) at the end of each long day, the sleep you get is actually a result of specific biological processes. And though it can seem like physical exertion equals deep sleep, your sleep is more accurately attributed to hormonal changes that ebb and flow due to your circadian rhythms. While you sleep, certain hormones kick into gear, repairing and rebuilding, and preparing you for the coming day.
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    Sleep Tips
    The Best Sleep Products to Support Your Body As You Get OlderMost of us know that sleep isn’t one size fits all, but the adage even rings true for the same person over the course of their life. As we age, our body changes and our sleep quality declines, making it more difficult (but just as important!) to get our seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.