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    Sleep Tips
    Wedding Season Part 2: Tips For Sharing A Bed With Your Significant OtherDoes your significant other snore loudly, mumble incoherently or sprawl across the entire bed, all while slumbering peacefully while you lie awake staring at the ceiling?
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    Sleep Tips
    Why You Should Add Reading to Your Child’s Bedtime RoutineAs a mother of two young children, I know firsthand just how difficult bedtime can be. Between the whining, clinging, begging and everything in between, there are some nights when enforcing a consistent bedtime routine feels like an uphill battle. But the benefits of a consistent routine far outweigh the frustration. Research from University College London found that 3-year-olds who had regular bedtime routines perform better on cognitive exams administered at age 7 than children with unstructured bedtimes. Although the exact bedtime was determined to be insignificant, consistency had a large impact on later cognitive success. The study concludes that a consistent bedtime routine helps streamline cognitive development in young children.