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Sleep Debt

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    Sleep Tips
    How to Get to Sleep After Catching a Second WindWhether you're just getting home from a night on the town or you simply got a jolt of energy winding down on the sofa, few things are more frustrating than your body giving you a sudden burst of energy right when you're winding down to drift off. This irksome occurrence is known as catching a second wind.
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    Sleep Tips
    Sleep Myths Debunked: Can You Ever Repay Sleep Debt?Forget about the student loan and consumer debt crises you hear about on the news. There's a new type of debt for Americans to worry about: sleep debt. Approximately, 35% of Americans get fewer than seven hours of sleep each night, and while many know they're not sleeping enough, they may not be aware of how devastating chronic lack of sleep — or sleep debt — is to their health.