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    Why Facebook Is Ruining Your SleepIn modern society, we never have a reason to be bored. With 24-hour media and ever-evolving ways to consume content, we live in a society that is now fueled by BuzzFeed headlines and a never-ending news cycle. But, with endless amounts of stimulation and entertainment only a click away, are we getting the sleep we need to really function at our best? And, what does this say about our ability to de-stress?
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    Sleep Tips
    Sleep: A Back-to-School EssentialThe start of another school year is just around the corner. Along with the school supplies, new clothes and new friends will come a new routine and sleep schedule. For many children, the sudden shift to an earlier bedtime and wake-up call can pose a big challenge. Let's explore some of the common sleep questions that arise when it's time to head back to school.
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February 17, 2017