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Sleeping with a Spouse

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    Sleep Tips
    Wedding Season Part 2: Tips For Sharing A Bed With Your Significant OtherDoes your significant other snore loudly, mumble incoherently or sprawl across the entire bed, all while slumbering peacefully while you lie awake staring at the ceiling?
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    Sleep Tips
    Side Matters: Why Where You Choose to Sleep Means More Than You ThinkRemember when a bad day was the result of some kid stealing your seat in history class or getting booted off your table in the cafeteria? From the perspective of an adult, kids’ little idiosyncrasies, such as where they sit in class or the order in which mom reads their bedtime stories (and I can attest to that one), can be cutely amusing. However, if you think you’ve outgrown your childhood quirks, think again. Instead of insisting on Peter Rabbit over Good Night Moon when it’s time to call it a day, you’re fiercely defending “your” side of the bed if your partner dares to breach the pillow border.