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James Bell

James Bell is a paid contributor to The Daily Doze and is a successful entrepreneur who spent 33 years building a small retail toy business into a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. In 2004, he came to America looking for his next opportunity and took over the helm of Protect-A-Bed. As the company’s CEO, James is committed to educating consumers on why every mattress needs protection. At heart, James is a husband, father of two and grandfather of Rowan, age 4, and Isla, age 2, so he understands, and takes personally, the need to uncover healthy sleep zone solutions for people of all ages with different sleep needs. James is hopeful his company’s advice to consumers will help them improve their bedroom hygiene. After all, everyone perspires, says James – and everyone sleeps on a bed. It’s that bed that should be protected from general health concerns. A healthy sleep environment can lead to quality, rejuvenating shuteye. And well-rested individuals are happier and can function better. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to sleep better? James lives in Glencoe, Illinois, with his wife, Lynda.
Best Night’s Sleep: The key to James’s best night sleep? Spending time with his wife, two children, Jared and Warrick, and two grandchildren at their lake house in Wisconsin.

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