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Bed Basics

6 Essential Tips for Mattress Shopping with Your College Student

tips for buying a college mattress for your college dorm room - girl sitting on bed in dorm room

With some college students preparing to head back to campus, one of the first items on your shopping list might be a new mattress. It might not seem like as big of a deal as other school supplies, but research shows that an investment in rest might be vital to success in the classroom.

Multiple studies over the years have linked quality sleep to stronger academic performance. While many college students will try to pull an “all-nighter” this often will lead to a lower GPA. A comfortable and supportive sleep surface is essential to a good night’s sleep. So, whether your student will be living in a dorm, off-campus apartment or doing virtual distance learning this year, make sure they have the perfect mattress to ace the school year.

6 Tips for Shopping for a College Mattress

1. Mattress size matters.

While dorm rooms vary in size, a twin bed is typically the standard for those living on campus. Some dorm rooms use extra-long bed frames or box springs to accommodate taller students, so make sure you get the measurements before move-in day.

If your student is headed to an off-campus house or apartment, a larger mattress might be in order as space permits. Take advantage of Mattress Firm’s mattress finder quiz to find a bed that fits your sleep needs.

2. Do you need box springs?

You may not, especially if your student is living in a dorm. Most on-campus housing departments provide their own box springs, if not board foundations.

However, if you need to add one to your mattress purchase, confirm the size, material quality and profile height. Unlike a mattress, box springs cannot be squished through tight doorframes or down narrow hallways, so be mindful of the space you’re moving into.

3. Take your first test of the semester early.

You wouldn’t normally buy a car without test-driving it, right? Then why wouldn’t you “test-drive” something that you (or your student) use for 7-9 hours per day? Carve out some time for your student to visit the nearest Mattress Firm location and spend at least 15-20 minutes lying on each mattress to determine which one they like the best.

Do you live far away from where your student is going to school? No problem! Thanks to our nationwide delivery network, you can shop and test mattresses at any store and have it delivered on the other side of the country, with no extra charges or hassle.

4. Protect your investment.

No matter when you purchase a mattress, you always want to maximize your investment. Most mattress protectors go on like a fitted sheet and provide a barrier between your mattress and liquids, dust mites and allergens. Another option is using a mattress encasement that goes around the entire mattress, providing additional protection from dust mites, bed bugs and allergens. Both options are breathable, removable and machine washable and are a must-have for all mattresses.

5. Top it Off with a Mattress Topper

Many on-campus dorm rooms are supplied with a mattress. Many of these mattresses are thin and don’t provide much comfort or support. If this is the case, you can still top it off with a mattress topper. A mattress topper will often add an extra 2-6 inches of pressure-relieving comfort to your bed. Whether you prefer gel memory foam or a feather bed, a mattress topper can help you get a better night's sleep.

6. Consider a Bed in a Box.

If you are able to supply your own mattress, a new bed in a box mattress could be comfortable and convenient. Instead of having to figure out how to deliver your new bed to your dorm room or apartment, a bed in a box comes rolled up in a box that makes it easy to move. Once you get to your final destination, simple open the box, remove the plastic, wait a few hours and sleep! Mattress Firm carries the top bed in a box brands for you to find the perfect mattress.

It's worth doing whatever you can to ensure that your college student has the best chance at success, and few things have as big of an impact on daily performance and overall quality of life as sleep health. Good luck this year!


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