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Emily Favian and Shakur Harrison are Mattress Firm's 2019 Snoozeterns. Bringing their passion for pillows and excitement for sleep. Emily and Shakur are here to put their rest to the test and teach you all there is to know about being a Mattress Firm insider.

Emily, a current a student at Sam Houston University, studies mass communications and broadcasting. The youngest of six, her favorite color is Tiffany Blue, and she can’t resist a Baby Ruth candy bar. Emily's sleep style? She’s a proud side sleeper with a strong preference for two pillows.

Shakur is a freelancer, focusing on photography and videography. The oldest of six children, Shakur’s favorite color is green, and he loves gummy bears. Shakur's sleep style? He’s also a side sleeper with a strong preference for not one, but two pillows.

To join Emily and Shakur on their journey, follow Mattress Firm on social and look for their latest posts on The Daily Doze.

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