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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

Meet Sleepy’s, One of Our Most-Loved Mattress Brands

Sleepy's Mattress Collection - memory foam mattress

If a bed called Sleepy’s doesn’t make you want to sleep, then we did something wrong. And that’s what Sleepy’s is all about—giving you great sleep at a great price. After all, you don’t just accidentally hang around for nearly 100 years without doing something right, right? But, as you’ll soon learn, it’s much more than just a mattress. So much more.

So, what are the Sleepy’s Mattress Collections, and what’s the deal with them?

Good question. Exciting answer. We’ve got mattresses for every budget and sleeper. Seriously.

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We’ll start with one that’s unforgettable—our Sleepy’s Memory Foam Collection. Coming in a variety of thicknesses and comfort levels, every memory foam mattress combines layers and layers of memory foam with a gel-infused layer of memory foam at the top to keep you cradled, comfy and cool. If you’re not a fan of all memory foam, you’ll love our Sleepy’s Basic Collection. One word to describe them? Classic. Varying in thicknesses and comfort levels as well, they’re innerspring mattresses that your body and wallet will love (they start at just $199!).

Shop however you want, and get it however you want.

Do you want to get your new bed from the comfort of home? Cool. Most of our Sleepy’s mattresses are available in a box and are shipped to your doorstep for free! And if they’re not, one of our expert delivery drivers would love to set it up for you. If you’re still a classic-in-store-have-to-try-it-before-you-buy-it shopper, we get that, too. Your local store has a wide variety of memory foam and innerspring Sleepy’s models for you to try before you buy. Just no napping in the store (or at least not when our Sleep ExpertTM is watching).

Turn your Sleepy’s mattress into a Sleepy’s haven.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, OK, these beds all sound great! (And you’d be right, FYI.) But Sleepy’s doesn’t stop at mattresses. You can choose all the best bedding and accessories to turn your new Sleepy’s mattress into an ultimate bed.

The Sleepy’s Bedding Basics Accessory Collection is the perfect addition to any bedroom—just like yours! It comes with 1 Basic Soft Sheet Set, 1 mattress protector and 2 standard pillows. The sheets are soft, comfy and breathable and make snuggling mandatory. The mattress protector keeps your bed so fresh, so clean, too. Sure, it’s thin, breathable and hypoallergenic, but it’ll give you peace of mind that every night you sleep, every snack you eat in bed, you’re covered.

Finally, a bed isn’t a bed without something great for your head. The Sleepy’s Comfy Pillows come with crushed memory foam, which is ideal for all sleepers, because it offers excellent support and adapts to the unique curves of your neck and noggin. And all this stuff goes great on top of a life-changing adjustable base.

Trust us when we say we’re just scratching the surface. There’s something for everybody, every body and every budget, never compromising comfort or quality. Like we said, you don’t just accidentally sell beds for nearly a century without doing something right—every night.

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