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Your Sleep-Centric Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2024

Father playing with children at home.
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This Father’s Day, give your dad something he’s probably not getting enough of: Sleep! For the dedicated, hard-working Dad, getting the recommended seven to nine hours of zzz’s can be elusive. In fact, 61% of parents agreed that their sleep was better before kids and 64% reported feeling more exhausted now than before having kids.

But Mattress Firm's sleep-focused gift guide is here to inspire the father figure in your life to relax and recharge so they can wake up feeling ready to tackle whatever the day may bring. After all, every dad deserves the gift of restorative sleep on his special day.

Sleepy's Deluxe Charcoal Cool Pillow


Keep Dad cool this summer with the Sleepy’s Deluxe Charcoal Cool Pillow. This pillow combines fiber fill and memory foam with an advanced cover that is specifically designed to help draw heat, moisture and odors away for a clean, comfy feel that will keep him feeling refreshed all summer long.

Infinity Aura Massage Chair


Let Dad lounge in ultimate comfort with the Infinity Aura Massage Chair, which will help him relax to the max. Featuring an L-track that massages from neck to glutes, the chair can also recline to zero-gravity positions and offer lumbar heat that works to loosen the muscles in your lower back, while foot rollers provide a reflexology massage to the soles of your feet.

Infinity Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat


Help Dad relieve tight muscles and aches in his neck and upper back with this Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager. This portable massager features four massage programs for deep tissue shiatsu massage, with an additional heat option to enhance the massage effects.

Sleepy's Scented Pillow Inserts


Essential oils can help relieve stress and make getting to sleep just a little bit easier. Sleepy's Scented Pillow Inserts are thin paper-like sheets you can slip between your pillow and pillowcase to deliver a unique blend of lavender, jasmine and cedarwood. Scientifically backed to improve sleep, SleepScore Labs™ found* that participants spent 7% less time awake after initially falling asleep and had 9% fewer awakenings during the night in their study. These pillow inserts will give your dad rejuvenating rest for nights to come.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt® 11" Medium Mattress


Is your dad dealing with aches and pains day in and day out? A new mattress may be just the gift to help alleviate those troubles so he can wake up renewed and ready for the day. The Temur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt offers sleepers layers of body-conforming, pressure-relieving TEMPUR-Material™ designed to help alleviate aches and pains. Plus, the adaptable material absorbs motion to minimize disruptions from movement by partners or pets (and kids)!

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt® Mattress Topper

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt®Mattress Topper

Even if the dad in your life isn’t quite ready to make the leap to a new mattress yet, he can still sleep comfortably. The TEMPUR-Adapt® Mattress Topper is built with three inches of revolutionary TEMPUR-Material™ for a soft feel coupled with premium support. The removable, washable cover features a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric so he can sleep soundly no matter where he rests his head at night until he’s ready for the mattress he deserves.

*Based on a 2023 study commissioned by Mattress Firm and conducted by SleepScore Labs™. Individual results may vary. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional for any health condition.