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Bed Basics

College Dorm Accessories

college dorm room accessories including mattress toppers, bed frame, pillows and sheets

There's nothing like the anticipation of moving into your college dorm. From finding the perfect roommate to figuring out how you'll fit everything you need into such a compact space, it is exciting and overwhelming all at the same.

No matter where school is for you this fall (away or virtual learning from home), make sure you have some new sleep essentials to keep you well rested. While often forgotten, sleep plays an integral role in your well-being and your academic success.

To make the transition to college life a little easier for you, we've shared some of our favorite dorm essentials so you can be sure you're starting your college sleep schedule off on the right foot.

Dorm Essentials for Your College Checklist​


You may not be able to bring your own mattress to the dorms, but that doesn't mean you should neglect your pillow. Your pillow supports 25% of your body during the night and plays an integral role in our sleep quality. Be sure to add a new pillow to your dorm room checklist. If you're looking to upgrade to the most comfy pillow experience, here are some of our dorm room favorites:

Bed Sheets

Another essential sleep item that should not be overlooked on your college move in check list is your bed sheets. There's no better way to make your dorm room a sleep haven than with cozy sheets. If you're in need of some new bedding basics, here are some sheets that we just can't sleep without:

Mattress Protectors

Oftentimes, dorm room mattresses have been around for years and have had their fair share of sleepy owners. Between hosting various owners and late-night study sessions in bed, you are bound to spill something in your dorm. Do yourself a favor and invest in a mattress protector. Trust us, you'll sleep well knowing there's a barrier between you and your mattress' past. For the best mattress protectors around, check out these great options for your college dorm list:

Mattress Topper

Let’s be real—most dorm room mattresses aren’t the most comfortable or supportive. A mattress topper is the perfect addition to any dorm room bed. Mattress toppers add an additional 2-6 inches of comfort and often feature gel memory foam to help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Dorm Room Bed Frames

While most dorm rooms come equipped with a sturdy bed frame, you may still need to supply your own. Here are our top bed frames for the dorm room:

Other Great Dorm Room Accessories

Outfit your dorm room and make it extra comfy with these added accessories.

Now that you're set with the best dorm room accessories for your sleep sanctuary, it's time to check off all the other essentials on your college move in check list. To ensure you don't forget a thing, use this college packing checklist while packing:

Back to School College Dorm Room Packing Checklist Infographic

If you're looking to stock up on a few extra dorm room essentials or want to upgrade your sleep space all together, head to your nearest Mattress Firm or shop online at

Happy move in!

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