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5 Reasons You Need a Sleepy's Mattress

Are you getting ready to move and don't want to pack up your mattress? Have the past 8 years come and gone and you still have the same bed? Or maybe you're just not sleeping that well lately.

Whatever the reason you're looking for a new mattress, we're here to tell you that there are 5 MAJOR reasons you need to consider the new Sleepy's mattress.

1. You're Ballin' on a Budget.


Whether you're a college grad, young professional — or just in need of a budget-friendly bed — then the Sleepy's mattress is for you. Starting as low as $350 for a queen you can't go wrong!


2. Want to “box" about it?


Sure, thinking outside the box is fun but watching your mattress expand after pulling it out of a box is so much more fun. PLUS, reusing the box to have your cat do this seems like an added bonus to us.


3. 1 mattress, 2 mattress, 3 mattress, SLEEP!


Like goldilocks and the three bears, this mattress is just right because you've got plenty of choices AND you can try it at any Mattress Firm location.


4. What's colder than ice cold?


The Sleepy's cool plush mattress that's what. For all you sleepers who like to pretend you're living in the arctic, there's a cooling gel top layer to get you one step closer to below zero temps.


5. We named an intersection Comfort and Value… kind of.

Enough said.


Now head to a Mattress Firm location near you so you can get to snoozin'.

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