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Everyone sleeps. But our Sleep Experts®
know that everyone sleeps differently. Our Sleep Experts® receive 200+ hours of training so they can help you drift off on the Sleepy’s mattress that feels right for you. Featuring best-in-class quality and thoughtful design, our expertise means that every Sleepy’s mattress is made with you in mind. And because our Sleep Experts® are available in-store, online, or by phone or chat, finding the perfect mattress has never been easier.
Innovation for All
Our Sleep Experts® did the research (so you don’t have to). They know Sleepy’s mattresses inside and out so they can guide you through the latest technology, like advanced Gel Matrix Grid®, which works to maximize airflow so you can stay cool and comfortable while you sleep. And that’s just the beginning. Sleepy’s beds offer varying levels of support, pressure relief and cooling technology—so there's a bed for you, no matter how you sleep.
Your Sleepy’s. Your Way.
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Back sleepers, side sleepers, sweaty sleepers toss-and-turners… Our Sleep Experts® see you and have designed mattresses that give everyone the deep, comforting sleep they deserve.
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It’s a tough job, but our Sleep Experts® have approved every single Sleepy’s Pillow for its neck and head support so you wake up creak-free and feeling great.
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Slip into sheets that are Sleep Expert® designed to feel cool, soft and snuggly. So comfy and inviting, Sleepy’s Bedding is a fresh finishing touch for your perfect night’s sleep.
Developed by Sleep Experts™ to bring innovative king-sized, queen-sized and twin beds to everyone who wants a comfortable night’s sleep, Sleepy’s mattresses are built to address the needs of back, side, and stomach sleepers. Varying levels of support, pressure relief, and cooling technology make your Sleepy’s mattress feel like it was made for you. And with options to purchase in-store and online—and sent in mattress-in-box packaging—you can have your perfect night’s sleep delivered your way.
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