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  • Two children high-fiving each other in a classroom with other children around them.
    Sleep Tips
    How to Get Your Kids’ Sleep Back on Track for the New School YearIf you’re like so many parents out there, you’ve let your kids’ sleep schedules get a bit looser over summer break. After all, it gets dark later, and it’s hard to persuade a kid to go to sleep by 8 p.m. when the sun is still blazing. Plus, there’s nothing as special as sharing a late summer night with your kids—running to catch the ice cream truck, catching fireflies, looking at the stars or sitting on the porch watching people stroll by.
  • College sleep habits
    Sleep Tips
    College Sleeping HabitsAs college students, we understand the struggles of getting to class, studying for exams, hanging with friends, working out and making time to do… well, everything else! In all the crazy that comes with a college schedule, it can be especially hard to find the hours in the day to catch a few quality Zzz's. But, the dangers of pulling an all-nighter in college, and in life, are real.